So, it’s 2nd week of the sprint, and I literally received to do only all the shitty stories.

During sprint I only wrote 3 lines of code to fix a bug for a workaround (yup...).

All other time went into analyzing impact for future features, bugs and other bullshit. But implementing them is not in scope of the upcoming release...

And today I have been working as a QA, because our actual QA doesn’t have time to test everything our two other devs on the team implemented.

Also I can’t pickup anything new, because there is no time left in sprint thus I am stuck doing all above.


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    We are supposed to follow similar process, but I somehow ignore all of that and trying to do the usual "whatever works" way.

    And our QA guy is good, so I don't have to bother about testing at all
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    Artificial sprint deadlines that produce situations like that "sprintly" are the bane of modern software development. Arguments to that which are some form of " but, but, but process purity.." are not actual arguments. They are a validation of my first sentence.
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    I disagree— I think they are good guidelines for keeping on track, but shouldn't be a cause for panic when the backlog gets full. How are you gonna live life without a game plan!
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    @HTHazard nah, Im used to work directly with backlog, then I was working in my full efficiency, maybe downside of that was occasional burnouts, but at least I had power to control that. Now I can only pick stories from sprint backlog, if those are finished or on hold for some reason, then, well, I can do nothing and still get paid - I don’t see how wasting human resources like that is a good thing. Even more I don’t understand how people can’t see that obvious flaw of scrum and still praise it as some kind of god.
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    I see how in those situations it can be a bad thing! My team for the past year has always had endless work, and yeah backlogged half the time, but my personal belief is that we'd be (probably just slightly) worse off without it! Too many people to freeball the backlog imo (~11)
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