Just me or does devRant seem really negative lately 😢

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    Don't be so stupid
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    Fuck you
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    Why would you say that?
    Do I really look that bad 😦
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    devRANT has always been a negativity laden place?
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    It's just you. Loser.
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    Hmm well, since when "Rant" became a positive word?
    Hence devRant.
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    @heyheni hey heni, I will create a devPraise. No negativity there. @lunorian 😁
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    Who the fuck told you that ?
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    Hi I just got here
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    This post has been marked as a duplicate
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    For every Yin there must be a Yang.

    So there must be a devPraise somewhere out there 🤔
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    How on earth the definition of rant encompasses a positive meaning?

    Maybe the only positive side is that we collectively learn from others rants.

    Also fuck you, think twice 😁
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    Fuck off! Don't be negative :3
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    Go die you loser.
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    I don't swear at people often, so there's a chance. So.....fuck off.
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    You have no idea what you're talking about, post's been downvoted and marked as duplicate because I couldn't make sense of it

    (In all seriousness though, I've been seeing it as well.. really sucks)
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    @jOkEr-jAsE fuck off man! I don't care :3
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    Are you positive it seems more negative?

    If so, well, then...at least someone is positive today!
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    But if you're being positive when it's negative, isn't it just neutral? If anything, we should try to be more negative to at least have an effect on the universe.
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    Well if this isn't positively the nicest, most heartwarming thread I've read. So much love :)
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