Never trust Google translate.

My sister wanted to tell me happy birthday in Japanese because I'm in Japan at the moment.

She put "Joyeux anniversaire" in the input box and Google translate returned "ジョワイユ 誕生日".

Which would mean in English "Joyeux birthday".

And yes that's a way to tell you it's my birthday 🎉

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    Alors joyeux anniversaire ;) profite bien!
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    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! 🇩🇪
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    > Which would mean in English "Joyeux birthday".

    I don't think so. In English, it might mean "happy birthday".
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    @Fast-Nop I didn't know how to write it correctly but what I meant was that the word "joyeux" wasn't translated at all in Japanese. It was just written with Japanese katakana. If it was correctly translated it would have become "おめでとう"
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    @oreru 本当にありがとう
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    In italian "Buon compleanno"
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    @giampio grazie mille!

    (sorry if the spelling is wrong, I have a lot of Italian friends in Belgium and I remember how to say it but I am not sure about the spelling)
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    @Ahzed11 your italian is perfect! 👍
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    Google translate is basically garbage for japanese sentences. I only really use it to get an idea of what a word means in isolation.
    It does lead to some amazing hilarity when friends send me japanese messages they clearly used google translate for though.
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    @tenCharacters I do the same when I don't know some kanjis or when I am too tired to triy to understand but as you said it's just good to have an idea of the global meaning of the sentence. When I don't know a word I prefer using an electronic dictionary because there are so many different meanings for a single word in Japanese ^^
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    @Ahzed11 I highly recommend jisho.org if you are after an online resource. It gets easier to find the correct meaning once you can use japanese to japanese dictionaries though.
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    @tenCharacters Thank you, I'll give it a try!
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    La mulți ani! (Romanian)
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    @RealKC Unfortunately I can't say thank you in Romanian so you'll get an humble thank you in various languages in which I can say it :)

    Merci !
    Thank you !
    Grazie !
    Gracias !
    Dank je !
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