question about linux
i have linux installed in my SSD and i plugged in a new HDD to my case. but i don't have permission to read/write files in HDD.
should i change filesystem to ext4 to get permissions?
thank you

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    It may be mounted in a location, where you don't have permissions.
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    Linux is not like windows where every user has access to everything you plug into it.
    You can give yourself permissions witch chown (have a look at the man pages)
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    What FS is on that HDD?
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    Two possibilities that I've encountered - either:
    1) you need to specify write permissions when you automount that HDD (in fstab)

    2) if that HDD was previously in use on a windows pc with fast-boot enabled in the BIOS (as I suspect, due to the preexisting formatting), then the HDD is still 'stuck' because of Windows.
    I won't delve in the details, but to fix that you have to either:
    * enter the BIOS, disable fast-boot, then start windows and shut it down (and then you won't have issues switching from windows to linux and back)
    * every time you wanna go from windows to linux, you have to first reboot from windows (to fully "unlock" the hdd) and then load linux.

    Since you're using an ssd for the OS, I'd go with the first option (disable fast-boot in the bios). If you have a win-linux dualboot, this is what you want.

    Tldr: windows sucks at handling fast-boot and locks the drive in read-only when you shut down normally.
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    First result on a Google search for "linux no access to mounted drive". Welcome to Linux where your most important skill by far will be using search engines ☺️
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