I created a controversial action for Google Assistant. The Snowden Quiz: https://assistant.google.com/servic...

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    Am I the only one interested to hear what @linuxxx thinks about Snowden and wikileaks?
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    Wikileaks: as far as I can confirm that what they say they do is true, I love it! Especially the vault 7 leaks which showed how dirty the US really is (special malware programs to malware look like its from another country, 24/7 CIA program which translates Skype video/voice calls to text and sees if it contains certain keywords, etc)

    Snowden: my goddamn hero. Gave up his life to make sure that there could be public debate about tons of illegal mass surveillance programs and showing that the big companies (Google, Microsoft, Apple and some more) are basically in bed with the NSA as of providing full access to their data using (as example) the PRISM global mass surveillance network.
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    @linuxxx That moment when you want a bottle of beer but then you realise your Edward Snowden. Not a problem, just hack into the stupid server they have in your nearest supermarket........I bet they are still running Windows XP xD
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    @KartSriv What's your point exactly?
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    Edward Snowden wanted an alcoholic beverage. He then had the profound realization that he was, indeed, himself. This was NOT a problem for Edward, so he hacked the nearby stupid Windows XP super market server.

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