We have completed our robotics competition in 6th alliance out of almost 200 teams!

Thank you guys for the wishes of good luck and the encouragement!

We are most likely moving straight into offseason due to us currently sitting 1 point short of progressing to the final competition.

Although we most likely will not progress, I can guarantee that some amazing projects will come out of our new found free time.

I recommend keeping an eye on the comments, as I will be posting an update on our standings and our future once scores are finalized.

And, good luck to all other FRC members here!

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    Congratulations and all the best!
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    Congratulations 😊✌️
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    Undesirable Input
    I was cornered with no escape route. Struggling with the dim lighting in the alley, I could barely make out the numbers on their fronts. 5024. 4932. 5483. One of them, who I assumed to be their leader, momentarily paused all motor functions while its text-to-speech software processed the demand. Silence. A monotone voice appeared out of a crackling speaker: "Human! Take off pants."

    sorry... 😐
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    After score finalization, we have come out 4 points below the cutoff.
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    @ewpratten sad to hear that
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    @ewpratten don't worry. Participation is more important than anything else
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