Iam developing a movie tracker app using TRAKT and TMDb.
It's still in early stages of development!!



I'd really appreciate if you guys could give it a try.

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    I'm not using Trakt anymore, but your app seems pretty clean! Good job and welcome to devRant!
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    sounds interesting
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    Nice design.
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    Thanks to all of you guys!!
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    The only problem i had where the movie titles, because im used to the german title.
    FYI: In germany movies get often a new or an translated title. Sometimes the new title is in english too.
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    Awesome UI
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    @Ganofins thanks a lot!
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    @kashish25798 now you can create your avatar
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    @Ganofins ahh!!
    Just created one.
    Thanks again :)
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    @stop Yes! I would love to know the reason behind title translations sometimes... It's the same thing in French.
    For example, "The Boss Baby" became "Baby Boss", and "The Hangover" became "Very Bad Trip".
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    @Jilano Now don't get me started on what they do to the titles in India.
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    @Jilano @kashish25798 subtitles or native translations?
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    @kashish25798 Ha, I believe you!

    @stop The title is translated from English to English while the dialogues are fully dubbed in French. The "VO" (for "Version originale" meaning language un which the movie was made), is unfortunately a niche market here.
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    @Jilano here too.
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    Moana is Vaiana in germany. It's a name, why and how would anyone even get the idea to translate that? And why does it make a big enough difference to be worth all the confusion it causes?
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    "The name Vaiana itself can be understood in Tahitian as mean vai, or 'water' and ana, 'cave'. ... However the swap from Moana to Vaiana was claimed to be due to possible trademark issues that the name posed in Europe. With Disney Spain tweeting that “The 'Moana' mark is registered in Spain and in some European countries."

    Source: https://themonsoonproject.org/2016/...
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