In first year of college, I found out that doing more internships increases your chances of getting hired.
So I started searching for internships but the only internships available were for mobile and web developers.

Started learning Android development, made many projects, learnt architecture patterns and lots of other stuff, did 4-5 internships.

In 4th year (placement year), companies be like:
No! No! We don't need your development stuff, we'll be evaluating you on the basis of your codechef, codeforces etc profiles, whether or not you can solve a graph or bst question.

So now I'm working on my Data structures and algorithms skills.

Just wondering if the years spent in learning to develop a high quality Android apps are waste or not.

So I've started my "DS ALGO"preparation from geekforgeeks and leetcode.

Let's see what happens next.

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    Most campus recruiters go for DS/Algo stuff. You don't need any actual experience in development to get placed if u have enough knowledge of algorithms. But if you go for off campus placements that are specific about the job title, then you will be asked questions related to the technology stack.... That's how it is, nothing much can be done I guess.
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    I am also in 3rd year and now learning DS/Algo
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    You can get a stress ball for this 🤣🤣
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    wait till you actually join a job.... its even worse.. everything done in the college feels waste because the job can be done by even the dumbest one in your class
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    @randomnumber I've heard that most of the times you've to use library functions.
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    Most of the times you would be just fixing bugs... not even developing...
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    Not even 24hrs completed in "devRant community" and I've already started getting some nice insights of corporate world.
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    When looking for a minor I also came across a lot of 'must know algorithms' requirements, I highly doubt I actually need that in a .net core web application
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    The point of knowing that stuff often isn't that you'd need to implement that. In reality, you don't because you'll use library functions. However, choosing the right one requires understanding what it does to judge for which purpose they are useful.

    Otherwise, you get the sort of shit from one of my rants: https://devrant.com/rants/1993396/... . While manipulating data as XML and inserting stuff node-wise does work, it's an incredibly stupid idea.
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    @Fast-Nop now that was what we call some really inefficient code.

    I agree with you, like you need to keep your coding game up also along with the development stuff, otherwise you'll end up writing code just like you described in your rant.

    But solely focusing on the candidates coding contest ranks and neglecting the other development stuff which they've done is also not appropriate I think.
    But anyways I'm still a student, I don't know much about requirements of big tech companies. I'm currently trying to get better at data structures and algorithms.
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    > 'must know algorithms' requirements

    So far the most I've needed to know is 1+1..

    > In reality, you don't because you'll

    > use library functions.

    Unless you write those library functions. :-)

    Or you find a bug with them and have to create a workaround..

    Which sometimes means, writing your own. :-)
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