So following my last posts advice, I stopped learning react and started learning JavaScript basics. I’ve gone through the “beginning JavaScript” track on Team Treehouse.

But I want to get better. Does anyone have any ideas/tips to get better with JavaScript?

I know you get better by doing but I just can’t think of stuff to build or remake.

I just feel kinda lost while having the motivation to get better.

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    After having been in the same situation myself of looking for that tutorial that you need, I realized that such tutorial is sometimes a mirage.

    Best ways are learning by doing, or buying a recommended book.

    One thing you could do if you feel you lack the motivation, is to make a mutual promise with people here.

    You either set a project goal or ask others for project ideas, and promise that you'll complete the project, and ask for mentors to promise that they'll review the app.

    What's in it for them? They get to help someone, show off their skills or just bond over it. And you'll bond over it too.

    I just came up with this advice, and it's so good that if I knew it on my early days I would be Linus Stallman by now.
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    You should try Eloquent Javascript. It's a brilliant starting point

    Then read Js the good parts by the almighty Douglas Crockford.

    Then practice a lot, small things but realistic use cases to improve your knowledge (don't force yourself to finish them, a proof of concept like level is more than enough, but do lot of them).

    When you feel that you did grasp the js thingy, refer to You don't know js by @getify.

    People with no prior knowledge in programming, went from noob to decent developers in 6 month following the same advice.

    Takes a lot of work, dedication, failures, and seldom working programs, but in the end, it's totally worth it!

    Last but not least, look for a mentor and get involved in your local dev communities, most of the time they are friendly people!
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    @erandria Thanks for your input! It's not necessarily a tutorial i'm looking for, there are plenty of those. It's just that i kind of lack the inspiration to use what i've learned in a project.

    I almost instantly feel lost when trying to think of something.

    The idea of a mutual goal or project with some other people might be a good place to start.

    Guess i'll have to wait and see what kind of people will read my rant.
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    @elgamine I followed the course on Team Treehouse about the JavaScript basics. And when i do a Js quiz online i pass them most of the time. It's just converting that knowledge into something practical like a project is where i get stuck. It's like all the knowledge is absent in my mind.

    I just want to be comfortable enough with JavaScript to tackle problems and projects.
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    For the projects part, some ideas :
    The mandatory todo list
    Cookie clicker
    Leaflet map with custom locations
    Rpg characters generator
    Movies library

    You can add to that, coding challenge sites like codekatq or hacker rank
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    @Mizukuro the struggle is real, I feel ya! I can't judge on your skill level, but in my experience going back to the basics many times in the learning path has proven to be a successful approach for me at least, heck, I've been doing this for over a decade, and still go back to eloquent js and have wow moments on things I tought I understood just to get that I had merely a broad intuition oh them.

    That said, you are absolutely right, the projects are the key to improvement
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    Thanks man.

    I also have a problem with wanting to do everything at the same time.

    Like when i looked at your list of projects and looked at the calculator, i was already thinking like, how the fuck am i going to do this?? i need buttons, i need if else statements, i need so much, and then i feel completely overwhelmed by this feeling of not knowing anything. And that's really discouraging, because i really want to get better.. If that makes any sense.
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    @elgamine I'll definitely read eloquent js now
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    @Mizukuro Then do a todo list, or a calculator with 2 buttons.
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    @Mizukuro it is totally normal, but you already know it, it doesn't get you nowhere! Hopefully, in the long run, it might be what makes you a great dev!

    For focusing, try some kanban (Trello is fine), put all the steps in a todo column, and tackle them one by one.
    What you're describing is not a programming issue per se, rather a time management one, kanban and pomodoro techniques should be your next best friends! They will help you to go from the bigger picture to the small details in a way that helps your mind focus on one task at a time.

    Software is taking a complex and hard problem and turning it into lot of small and easy tiny problems
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    @elgamine That's some great advice. Thank you very much for taking the time and talking to me about this.

    I will look into Pomodoro an Kanban for sure!

    I hope someday in the near future i wont be so lost and feel anxious about developing, because it does really make me happy.
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    @elgamine this guy codes
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    If you're interested in gaming, Screeps is a game you play entirely by writing JavaScript

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    Here's a really great tutorial
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    Codewars.com is the best site for small exercises
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