I did the conversion from swift 4 to swift 5 today. Thank you Crapple for making everything longer and more verbose.

Also why the hell did XCode decide to randomly start adding random functions into my code?

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    I started to learn Swift 3. I was turned off by the " aren't we so awesome" attitude displayed by the books writers. That and the strangely complex way of doing simple things like constructors let me to just stop. Perhaps if I had something like an objective c background, I would have been suitably impressed. Instead, I found it lacking compared to C#, an admittedly much more mature language.
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    @monkeyboy I am mostly an Android dev. So I use java and C#. I agree entirely with you. Apple's developer ecosystem is severely lacking and the languages are bad. Unfortunately, as long as ios has users, devs will still need to make apps for it, regardless of how inefficient Apple makes it.
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    I honestly don‘t know what your problems are with swift. I love C# but I love Swift even more. More type safety, more consistency, less boilerplate.
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