and then someone used my phone number to get a WhatsApp code because get this, they don't have WhatsApp. So it's midnight and I'm a sleeping when I get a call from +1. I have clients here so I pick up the phone and say hello. The voice says your verification code is 919191 and keeps repeating the same so i hang up

that was Thursday night. The next time I get this call is Saturday afternoon. I start to think that someone is trying to get access to any of my Web accounts or already has. so I started changing passwords the entire weekend....
imagine how I fumed when I discovered it was the result of an ID10T error, I had spend all weekend preparing and wading an attack that was never there 😂😂. I was so pissed of I just exhaled...

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    Changing passwords is always a nice precaution
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    Unless that is what someone wanted you to do, while they spy on what you type as your new passwords..
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    I was under the vague impression it was possible to sign up to WhatsApp without a phone number ?

    See, I have an Android mobile phone, without its phone ability, but can connect via wifi to the web..

    I vaguely remember trying it and the software complaining my OS needed updating, but its all rather a hazy memory !
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    @Nanos you cannot. Buy you can use it afterwards forever.
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    Puzzling, so if you get a new phone, can you transfer an existing WhatApp account over to it ?

    So.. if I have an old number that I'm about to close down, I could use that to get started, or must the phone number be active during the life / use of WhatsApp ?

    I bet it will be like KiK, no one there to talk with !

    I also like to study different message systems design/etc.

    I think the number one lesson from WhatsApp, is don't invent a message system a lot of people can't get access too !

    Nearly as bad as a system that doesn't work on Mobile Phones..
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    @Nanos the number has to be active for the transfer to work (maybe youd be able to do some adb magic, but the normal way is to log in via number). However youll lose all messages that arent backed up on gdrive.
    I agree that WhatsApp is shit, but for different reasons (i think most people have access to it, at least in europe) - but what is fucked up :
    - no internal message backup - youll rely on gdrive and that fails regularly
    - no way to chat without a phone ONLINE. WTF.
    - member limits in groups

    But i hope it will get better when they merge the messaging with fb/ig. At least you can use fb messenger on Desktop (but ig not. Wtf.) however, you cannot use the fb messenger on mobile as a webapp. Wtf.
    So tldr: i think all messengers belonging to FB are shit in one way or another.
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