Received some urgent task to do in the same component I was doing my testing changes. Made a change set with half completed thing and suspended it.

Today I notice that the change set isn't there.


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    It is very sad you have to use IBM products in this day and age
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    Omg you use RTC? I used to work for IBM (one of my rant inducing companies). We had to use RTC for years and then a truly blissful email came in from the CIO’s office

    “We’ve purchased and setup an enterprise copy of GitHub, now available here ....”

    It was so magical I nearly cried. Even IBM won’t use RTC anymore lol
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    @practiseSafeHex unfortunately I have to use it as it is the customer's VCS 😒
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    @irene cancel that customers contract. I can tell they will bring nothing but pain and misery
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    @practiseSafeHex as if I could. I'm not a freelancer. Actually it's not horrible. Most of the time it works fine enough.
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    @irene Stockholm syndrome ... my god someone send her help, she thinks RTC is ok sometimes!!!!
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    @asgs no offence though IBM hardware is still lit
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    @caramelCase yes, but I meant their SW products
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    @caramelCase software sucks though
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