Okay guys, today I've made this, I'll publish this on my GitHub soon (some stuff has to be done before I'll release this crap) and here we go, working on Night Mode in Slack:

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    Is this for the web version or the app, or both?
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    @bahua app
    actually, I'm doing this on Windows, so if you're running Linux/macOS it can't probably run
    or maybe can if you edit my script, changing Slack installation localization, shall work.
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    How does it work?
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    Think they will Release their own nightmode soon. The Android App already got it.
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    @Jere maybe, but my solution makes it possible to customize the .css as you want, so you can have even pink background, soooooo.....
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    Not all heroes wear capes.
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    @RootPixl yea thats nice 👍 imo they just should make those values editable in the settings.
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    @Jere yeah, but I'm 100% sure, they won't add this even in 2137.
    @ssync thanks
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