So I just learned about beaker browser and it's pretty amazing. Basically, it allows you to host and access webpages over the P2P dat protocol. dat uses a private/public key pair to make sure other people can seed your website while only you can update it, and even includes rudimentary version control! Beaker browser is incredibly user friendly, so definitely show it to your non-technical friends. It seems like one of the most promising technologies for building a decentralized web right now.


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    I've heard about it in some developers conference 🤔
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    Seems really interesting.
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    I was able to test it briefly and got the same feeling. The only thing that might be a problem is the choice of protocol. Like you mentioned, Beaker is betting on Dat while others think IFPS is better (correct me if I'm wrong). So we need to see if one is getting more momentum than the other (not unlike Blu-ray vs HDDVD in their time).
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