A relic of the past, still works after all this years

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    Aw cute! My first and only iPhone was a 4S. Good times 😂
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    Mine is now an iPod but still works till this day and it was a pre-order at the time.
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    @Elyz indeed, it's very sturdy as well

    @C0D4 I still have an ipod 4, but I forgot the pin code 🤣
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    Ah, the good old pre flat design aera.
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    Did you get it out to test on?
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    My 5 year old uses my samsung s3 with lineage os androi 8. The thing is still usable!
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    @ichijou if I remember correctly you could bypass the code with a jailbreak and some tweaks, maybe it's still possible!
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    Damn, still use mine to play Pocket Planes.
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    @gazza101uk nope, just picking out some old photos from it, I realized that I never backed up the data from this one

    @Neo- that's awesome,

    @frickerg ah, both my 4s and ipod are jailbroken actually, I could salvage the data using a file manager if I remember correctly, but good to know if I could bypass the lock, I'll look into that later, thanks

    @c3ypt1c I still have geometry wars on it
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    This was real Apple. Not the shit they sell now.
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