I applied for a job and they sent me a test to build a simple web app using the MERN stack (mongo, express,react, node), I passed the test, after a few days they call me for interviews, I passed the interviews and got accepted to work as a full stack developer.
Day one they send me the code base with thousands of lines of code and no documentation, I look through the codebase it uses Angular fucking JS, they tested me in React yet they give me Angular WTF?, I don't know Angular!. I look through the code again the app uses 4 different kinds of databases, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis & Dynamodb, I'm like WTF is this?
I ask the CTO why there is no documentation, why all these databases & why the fuck it is in Angular, he tells me to talk to the devs that previously worked on the codebase who live in India, I talk to them on skype, I get some information still not enough to get started, no proper documentation no database diagrams or any kind of diagrams.
So with no angular experience, I decided to just man up and learn Angular 7 first then sort out everything later, learning Angular 7 goes well. So I try to look at the code again, WTF? this does not look like the Angular I'm learning!, I check again and, lo and behold the fucking codebase uses the oldest version of Angular version 1.6 which is completely different from version 7! I'm like fuck this shit.

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    rough times build good devs
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    Good luck.
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    Good bless.
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    Sounds like a candidate for wk152 tag...
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    The expression "thrown into the deep end of the pool" comes to mind.

    In this case it might be "thrown into the deep end of the pool while not being exactly sure how to swim and being told that there was a shark, some piranha and an electric eel in there, too, and could you please put on this blindfold and swim to the other side?. Thanks!"

    I feel for you. It sucks.

    I'd say look at it as a learning opportunity but there is limited career use in learning outdated platforms.
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    Always talk about your possible role, projects in interviews.
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    Good luck!
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    I subscribed! Always exciting to hear the adventures of others who have had to wade through curry spaghetti code.
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    Welcome to working on an App built by off-shore contractors who know they won't be tasked with maintaining the crap.
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    Sounds like you are ready to come work for us 🤣🤣🤣😇
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    Dude just fucking start from scratch. Migrating AngularJS 1.6 to Angular 7 will be such a pain you will not want to live your life after that. Migrated a small project in that way and EVERYTHING was deprecated so good look not only changing the entire syntax of your codebase but also track all changes of every single npm package that is being used.

    Oh and don't get me started on old fart databases that are not even running the same dialect...
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    What's wrong with multiple databases though? In web developement it is quite common to have MySQL/MariaDB/Postgres as relational DB, Redis as cache and ElasticSearch as document DB and fulltext search.
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    @hitzoR Oh it's my first time working for a company, previously I did freelance work with single databases.
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    @hitzoR I agree, but if the API sucks big donkey balls I expect the databases ain't any better
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    But you HAVE all the docs online for Angular and any other public technology you mentioned :D... just use the docs
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    Have you been tasked with maintaining it or migrating it to a new stack? @baws
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    1.6 isn't way older than 7; Angular split from AngularJS after 1.5 and is now a different project with versions like 2, 3, 4, ... Latest in AngularJS is 1.7.
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