"Coding" has become the skill to learn. So much so that you can hardly watch TV or surf the Internet without seeing at least one ad for a boot camp or training course or series of online videos that promise to make you a coder in 24 hours/7 days/30 days.

I can't imagine that the majority of people who complete these courses become skilled coders. No doubt, some do, but it is probably along the same percentages of cooking school graduates who become top chefs.

Just like cooking, coding requires knowledge of techniques, a specialized vocabulary, a willingness to experiment, constant learning and a desire to be better. Any coder or chef who lacks these will never be great and may not even be good.

Can these courses teach people the basics of coding? Sure
Can these courses teach people the specifics of a given language or platform? Absolutely
Will these courses turn out seasoned developers who will be able to be part of a team and contribute at a high level immediately? Probably not
Will these courses turn out independent developers who will be able to write their own secure, functional applications? Maybe

I haven't lost faith in my future in development.
I am losing my faith in the future of development as a vocation. How long before most "developers" are cookie-cutter, line cooks?

I had a friend who once railed agains the idea of "Visual" languages because he thought something was lost when a developer no longer had to write the code to generate and handle the UI. I disagreed and said the real act of coding was underneath, in the actions that happened when the button was pushed. Now I think he was on to something. I just wasn't looking far enough down the road.

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    Also important for learning how to code well is having something to work on. System administration lends itself naturally to using programming to automate tedious tasks, so that's the main reason I learned. I think most people aren't exposed to content they can make better through programming, so they can take a 30 day course, and then forget it all very quickly.
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    I so remember my early years when both schools and colleges forbid people to code !

    Conspiracy, or just really stupid people in charge..
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    @Nanos forbid? How? Why? Please elaborate
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    "you can hardly surf the Internet without seeing at least one ad for a boot camp or training course"

    personalized ads based on your browsing history? no coding ads on my end ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    We had a computer at school, but we wasn't allowed to use it.

    At college, on a computer course, we was forbidden to program !

    Naturally I got a written warning when someone grassed me up writing BASIC..

    I also got a warning for, making too many backups and saving their ass when their only backup didn't work..

    Making my files invisible so others didn't accidentally delete them.

    "Worrying' other users (The grass one..) because I would read the manuals and they didn't understand what I was doing.

    At one point, I had to bring my own computer in, as we didn't have any !
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    @qwwerty You know, could be. I AM a member of Codingame and do a lot of developer-related searching.


    That means you don't search for anything developer related? At all? What are you? Some kind of programming savant? A dev-wizard?

    Or are you just using incognito mode or clearing your cookies often? Hmmm....

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