//If you dont own TEVO tarantula or 3D printer in general or are not looking into buying one the scroll past. But well if you want to read it go on.

So since some of you may have or may want to buy TEVO tarantula(3D printer for 300$ for those who dk).
I will put here a small list of upgrades that are just must do:
1. Part cooling fan.
I see a lot of people on Reddit and elsewhere with printing on tarantula without part cooling and the resoults are horrible tbh.
It takes 2 hours to print and the fan costs 2$ at most and the quality is 1000% better. Not kidding.

2. Second Z rod
I still wait for my second rod but i have hacked my printer kind of with second rod that's smooth and use that for now and the auto leveling gets precious as hell. And quality gets better too.

3. Brackets
The acrylic brackets that come with it are shit to say the least. After printing part cooling get some wood board that's cheap and print brackets and screw the brackets into the wood. It makes the printer stable as fuck. No more weird sounds.

4. This is few upgrades that are not must but help a lot too.

Y and X belt tensioner. Belts are supposed to be tight on X and Y.

Big bed and autolevel. This is just a personal thing but its good to have it as you dont have to level the bed every time and you have bigger space to print on.
Oh yeah replace the green shitty sensor with BLtouch. Oh good 3D printer god is it much better.

Glass bed. I will just tell you to get mirror cut to exact bed size and clamp it on. Really helps a lot since that AL bed on tarantula isnt great.

E3D V6 extruder. One of the WOW upgrades here from my opinion. No plastic leaking anymore. Just perfection. Even the clones are good.

And dammit flash new version of Marlin on that printer. Oh boy is it much better.

With all this put on the printer. Sure its price goes up. But most parts are 3D printed its not much.
Most people i talked to who have tarantula dont upgrade it too much and thats a mistake. they cant go more then 40mm/s and i can do 70-90mm/s with still nice quality. But yeah i keep it at 70mm/s just cause its better.
And yes upgrading motor drivers to the ones on Prusa MK3 help a shit lot with lot of stuff i cant tell anything since i dont have them yet. 11$ per piece and i need 4 of them is kind of pricey.

I hope people will find this useful.

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    @condor i think you have CNC or 3D printer but IDK. And somebody call the 3D printing group.
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    Most of these upgrades are for almost every printer.
    Instead of the glass bed I can recommend a magnetic flexible bed. I got a whambam sheet for my CR 10S pro and it works pretty nice.
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    @Codex404 Yes but the point of glass bed here is to make it exactly flat. Those flexible beds dont often are exactly flat which isnt great. Alternative is to replace the bed completely and add flexible sheet on that. But yes. If you can go with flexible sheet.
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    @Codex404 And yes those are mostly for evere 3D printer but tarantula doesnt come with part cooling or second Z rod etc. So you have to add it yourself. Or well buy the dual Z upgrade kit from TEVo which is 35$ on ebay or 80$ on TEVO store. I added second Z rod for 22$.
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    @Haxk20 I wish I had one, lol. But it's a bit expensive for me to be able to afford one.
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    @Condor Its expensive for me too. I had some money from job at first month. Well just bought it. No fucking regret.
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    @Haxk20 do you think you can post an image of something it printed vs before you made these modifications? Wanted to get an affordable 3D printer when I move to my next job as a way to print parts for my electronic projects
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    @soulskrix that was my plan. Sadly can't. Camera isn't working on phone and lappy is in repair so can't fix the camera now.
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