Read this motivating success story about a little app and the App Store.
App website: https://yournal.dulcedosystems.com/

1. Published my app to the App Store.
2. Rejected because screenshots contained Lorem Ipsum fragments, and they don't like placeholders.
3. Fixed screenshots, uploaded again.
4. Rejected because my app was not compliant with the "minimum functionality". In few words: my app was useless.
5. Told them that it was intended to be that simple, minimalistic and easy to use for people of all ages, with the "user experience" in mind.
6. They were very compressive and they said that my app was now compliant with the "minimum functionality". This time, they asked me to remove unnecessary data collection for features that didn't require account.
7. Told them that my app was 100% cloud-based, user notes were stored in the cloud, to avoid that users lost their written life records with their phones and also to provide the best synchronization experience between devices. For that reason, accounts were required for everything.

I though they weren't going to be compressive this time, and I forgot about it. Today, I uploaded an update for another app. Two hours ago, I wanted to check if the update was already available in the App Store and then, I saw the logo of Yournal below.

The End.

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    Congrats 🥳 👏
  • 3
    Very nice
  • 4
    @dudeking There are no screenshots? Also, the 1 star rating was from a "friend" that I discussed with, he was really angry with me.

    EDIT: there are screenshots, but they haven't loaded in your phone.
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    It is strange, so app is simple but have they ever thought about new features being added? and now they care about quality of apps being uploaded? At least Yournal does not slow down an iPhone to save battery ....
  • 8
    That quality shadow 😂
    Is it raytraced?
  • 2
    Thanks for the 'can not unsee this'!
  • 1
    wait a minute.
    the Android Phone is censoring Aliens.


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    Is there going to be a PC version ?

    For those of us without a working phone..
  • 1
    @Nanos install android on your pc.
  • 3
    oh it's Yournal, not YourAnal..

    Thank God..
  • 2
    Ot yeah btw fix your icons man (top and bottom)
  • 1

    Be much nicer if it just worked in a browser. :-)

    Currently investigating better Android Emulators on PC, BlueStacks one isn't very good.

    Prefer native application !
  • 1
    @Nanos i was making a sarcastic remark xD
  • 0
    @dudeking yeah, I'm pretty sure it's even against the rules
  • 0
    @Kimmax dunno, doesn't look right
  • 1
    @Nanos nox player
  • 1
    @Nanos There was a really basic, closed-source and experimental desktop version that my friend was developing, but we discussed and the development stopped. But since Yournal is community driven, everyone can create a desktop version.
  • 1
    @dudeking What's wrong with the icons? The top icons are links to the GitHub repos and the bottom ones are links to the Play Store and App Store.
  • 1
    @iamavalos Idk something about these icons not being the same boggles me, maybe it's just me
  • 2
    How does one be "compressive?"
  • 2

    Wear tight clothing ?
  • 2
    @jallman112 The correct word was "comprehensive". LOL.
  • 0
    @iamavalos lol. I wouldn't have brought it up except you said it more than once
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