I'm thinking of getting the galaxy s10e, but I'm not sure. I've been a LG user since the G3 and currently have a G6. LG is letting me down with the G8. I like the size of my G6, the width fits nice in my hand and tall enough to not stick out of my pocket.
I was also thinking about oneplus 7, but the size is probably too big.
I only considering the s10e because it finally has a flat screen and small size.

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    My G6 got poor battery life today. Usually I have 50-60% when I get off work, but it went to 20%. I noticed it went to 60% during lunch, but I didn't check what was using the battery. Battery saver didn't seem to help. :/
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    Don't mind me, just a user of a cheap Samsung j7 (love it though) passing by, also looking for a new phone that isn't a damn tablet
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