Hey guys!!

I will be travelling to London this June to meet a friend and unwind a bit.

This will be my first international trip and in fact first aeroplane trip as well.

Those of you belong to the great city or have visited, what tips you have for me?

Which are places I must visit? And being a Pink Floyd fan what are the related spots I must visit like Pink Floyd museum, Battersea Power Station, etc?

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    Sights to visit:
    -London Eye
    -London Aquarium
    -Maybe the Tower if your into history
    -Madame Toussaus

    For cheap food,t-shirts and copies of expensive Headphones, visit Campton-Town.

    If you have the time and money, maybe do a daytrip to Eastbourne and the 7 sisters or Brighton.

    Oh, and a very important rule, when using escalators,
    Always stand on the right,
    Leave the left lane free for people that are in a hurry.
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    London - Great city... my ass (don't take it personally).

    June will be summer time. The tube is gonna cook you alive. If you find anything to combat it, please get me one too.
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    also MIND THE GAP
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    Camden is cool but the old punk spirit has faded under the tourist stampede. Shoreditch is great, lots of street art, hipster shops and curry houses
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    @metamourge never gave much thought about escalator thing, but I'd think you guys stand on the left side and leave the right side free - basically follow your traffic rules 🧐
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    Ain't no Brit,
    I just learned this the first time I was there.
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    I would suggest finding a free grafiti tour. And the nature museum is amazing
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    The British Pound doesn't convert well to other currencies, you will pay double for everything.

    I think when I was there it was 1.70 GBP to 1 USD.

    So make sure you save enough to enjoy the trip, it always sucks being on a budget when trying to enjoy the proclivities of a society.

    Lastly, I am a huge architecture and history buff, I love churches and cemeteries, so Westminster Abbey was a must see, I took in a Mass at Westminster Cathedral, Temple Church was cool, Plus obviously you will pass through Victoria Station, The tube is the best way to get around + walking, everything else is too expensive.

    Also, MIND THE GAP!

    If you have the chance to take the train out to Brighton, seeing the cliffs on the sea is pretty cool too.
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    @fuck2code What do you mean MIND THE GAP?
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    Used to live there, so:

    - Get an Oyster card or go contactless via your debit / credit (if supported) or Apple / android pay otherwise.
    - Download CityMapper, it is a godsend and will make navigating the city a breeze
    - Always stand on the right hand side of the escalator, if you don’t, you will get told off by a very angry resident
    - Move down the carriage if standing on the tube, if you’ve left space, you’ll similarly get shouted at by angry residents
    - Don’t. I repeat don’t, walk along and then stop mid-path to consult your phone / map / guidebook, you *will* get shouted at
    - Don’t assume you always need the tube, a lot of stations are very close geographically
    - Don’t get a black cab, they’re way too expensive, book an Uber or something
    - Be polite, it’s gotten quite stabby of late.
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    @Hubot-0x58 in every metro station the announcer says "mind the gap" when a train comes in. It's also written all over the floor
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    The power station is worth seeing, it’s been Reno’d and is in use as office/apartment space but it’s a neat district. Make sure to see the northern country as well, it’s beautiful.

    Don’t worry about the airplane, it’s not so scary just one of those things you get used to.
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    @Hubot-0x58 @fuck2code
    "Mind the gap" is an audible or visual warning phrase issued to rail passengers to take caution while crossing the horizontal, and in some cases vertical, spatial gap between the train door and the station platform. The phrase was first introduced in 1969 on the London Underground in the United Kingdom.

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    @rEaL-jAsE Wowww!! thanks a lot dude. Will surely check out the thread and takes the notes :)

    @metamourge Europe is so full of awesome things. I have shit tons of suggestions now for places to visit. Thanks to friends like you. Will surely see what can be added to list. Isn't UK following the Right Hand System where I would be standing on left and keeping the right lane for people in hurry? Confusing.

    @sam21s Hahaha for someone who comes from a filthy place like India, London has always been a dream place to visit. What's the maximum temp there in summers? Here in India it goes upto 40 degrees Celsius or 104 Fahrenheit which is bit extreme so we are good at any temperature below 35C. Are you from London by any chance?

    @fuck2code Hahahah sure. I have been travelling like this (https://bit.ly/2XhE1Xt) since childhood so quite used to rush and gaps, but hey thanks for the concern :)
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    @dyte Interesting. I LOVE ART. Camden does look cool and so does Shoreditch. I will be staying in central London at a friend's place. How far are these two from there and also from each other (I will Google it but if you can give your best advice on commute, then it'd be great).

    @hubiruchi What's a free graffiti tour?? 🤔🤔 I love history, Europe's architecture (well ofc who doesn't and which is why that place is so cool) and yes Nature too. Will try to visit. Thanks.

    @hash-table True. Currently 1 GBP = 90 INR and 1 EUR = 78 INR. So not pocket friendly trip but will try to save as much as I can. Thanks. Even I love architecture and stuff which is why I wish to visit London. Yes, the other guy also mentioned Brighton so will surely try to go there. So many places to visit man. I am lost now. Haha :)
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    @Brolls You were the first person who came to my mind when I posted here as I remember somewhere you mentioned that you live there. Thanks for all the tips bro. Using my debit card will cost me lot in conversion and bank charges. Any other way to take care of digital payments? I use Google Pay, but I fear that it might not be used globally. Yeah! read about the CityMapper on Reddit. Arey Londoners so rude that they shout at travellers? I will try to walk, take bus or tube as much as possible. Though would want to ride the famous London taxi once haha. I am already anxious about my safety so will try to be my execellent. Any idea how much would it cost be to move around, I will be staying in central London's Conington Road and want to visit Battersea Power Station
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    @FrodoSwaggins Yup power station tops the list. Google images show it covered in sheets. Those guys suck to bring down an iconic building. What do you mean by Northern Country? How far it will be from central London? Cheapest way to reach there? WRT to air travel, I am more worried about airfare and connecting flight. :)
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    @Floydian both Camden and Shoreditch aren't far from the center and easily reachable by tube. And about the free graffiti tour another commenter mentioned, didn't do it myself but I know they have them in Shoreditch. And final tip: https://skygarden.london. Need to book though I believe. Have a great time!
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    @Floydian it hasn’t been knocked down! It’s just been rehabbed. It looks as it always did, they even sell floating pig balloons at some of the street stands. Maybe they got a picture of it during construction.

    With regard to northern country I just mean get up north of Manchester and out of the city. You’d probably have to rent a car or know somebody with one but IMO it’s worth it. Wales is also cool. There’s just so much history in the UK. The smaller towns are also worth visiting if you want to do something closer.
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    @dyte Free visit to Sky Garden. Man amazing. Will visit for sure :)

    @hubiruchi FUCKKK!!!! I forgot Banksy. Man I am all in for this. Couldn't thank you enough.

    @FroddoSwaggins I'd love to man. However, I am there just for a week and very very low budget. Considering how expensive it is, I might barely be able to go around in tube to see local places. I also plan to take my parents in near future, it is my dream to take them to London :)
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    @Brolls advice is spot on. Oyster card is a must and all good other advice is perfect.
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    Keep your Oyster safe ;)

    But in case you need to travel, you can use your phone or a contactless card, though I recomend using an Oyster.
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    Trafalgar Square is underrated, everything fun is actually now banned! https://youtube.com/watch/...

    London Eye is nice
    Big Ben is sadly under construction
    Hyde Park is pretty sweet as well

    Public Transport is probably one of the best in the world, so avoid black cabs with all your life!
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    @sam21s I've seen worse public transport xD
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    @Floydian they are, but it isn’t considered rude, mostly because these things are signposted everywhere / common decency.

    Yeah. Bank charges would come into play, probably even for google pay, every station should have an oyster machine, you pay £5 deposit for the card, and then however much you want to add to the card (a typical day’s travel caps around £8 or so), and that card is contactless and can be used around London, and then at the end of your time you can either keep the card, or return it and get the cash balance + the £5 deposit back.
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    @c3ypt1c I prefer contactless, to be honest!
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    @dmoa *overrated
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    I finalised quite some places to visit (including many free museums)

    Can you help me with travel via tube, many websites say that there is a capping of travel fare on zone 1 and 2. So not sure what capping it is and how can it help me save cost?

    If I can cut down on my travel expense, I would be able to visit few more places.

    @c3ypt1c How do I pay via phone? Won't my bank fuck me with international currency charges?

    @dmoa I read that Big Ben is under construction from 2017 to 2020. What the fuck!!!! 4 years. I hope I get to see it.

    @Brolls I read about Oyster capping on tube Zone 1 and 2. Did not understand it. Could you please help?
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    @Floydian the capping means you won't be able to travel outside of zone 1 and 2 with your oyster card. If for example you want to go to the Harry Potter studios you'll have to buy a sepparate ticket. Zone 1 and 2 means most of London and when I stayed there for a week I only bought one ticket for another zone, and that was for the Harry Potter studios
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    @Floydian usually with Google or Apple pay. And idk dude. Most likely.
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    @Floydian about bank fees, you might wanna look into revolut. I know plenty of people who use it and their international fees are great.
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    @fuck2code It says that capping is around 7 GBP. What does that mean? Your explanation is totally different to what I read so I am confused further.

    Will also check revolut for sure.

    @c3yptic Thanks.
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    @Floydian imagine the very centre of London as zone 1, and radially outwards the zones start increasing.

    Higher zone numbers are cheaper to travel through, because they’re not typically as busy and congested.

    A whole day’s travel from zone 5 to zone 3 is going to be waaaay cheaper than zone 2 to zone 1.

    TFL have all their cap amounts online, but basically, provided you travel at the right time (this is determined by the first journey you do of the day), and you stay within the zone range for your cap, you’ll never pay more than that.

    Really though, a typical day’s travel should cost around £10 gbp.

    Something that catches people out though, is that if your journey requires you to switch trains at a zone 1 station, the system will treat you as having travelled to zone 1, unless you tap your card on a special pink oyster reader that you will find in the station, this lets the system know you’re just passing through.
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    @Floydian the key is to either buy a set travel zone amount on the card at the machine, which will hit you harder if you stray from those zones, or just do a simple topup and travel around wherever you want.

    Just make sure you have enough on your card each day, because there’s nothing worse than having the barrier reject you because you’re off by like 20p and now you have to do the walk of shame past everyone waiting behind you 😂
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    @Brolls So that means that I pay 10 GBP in zone 1 and travel wherever I want within the zone for how many times I want for free (after the initial 10 GBP payment)?

    Also, is June good time to visit? I fear Summers will be over and I will have to deal with monsoons.
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    @Floydian so, each journey costs, and the cost is calculated centrally by looking at which station you entered the network at and which station you left at, as well as whether there were any line changes.

    For example, entry station in zone 1 on a particular tube line, with a switch at station 2 in zone 2, and an exit at a station in zone 3.

    The cost of your journey is the rate for zone 1 to zone 3.

    Each journey is charged to your oyster upon each exit, BUT, depending on which zones you visited up to a cap time of day, you may hit that limit point, and any further journeys (provided they’re within the same set of zones for the applied cap) will stop costing any more.

    You can break your cap by travelling outside of the zones, and they’re then charged per-journey.

    Realistically though, you don’t need to worry about it. Suffice it to say, provided you top your card up sufficiently (about £10-£15 a day), you’ll never need more.
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    @Floydian and with our weather it’s never certain. It’ll never be monsoon, but chances are you’re in for a decent time weather wise.

    Just be aware, that summers in the city get *very* warm, on account of the concentrated heat emissions, as well as all the glass and concrete. Similarly, the cold days are also exceptionally cold.
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    Also, make sure you have a bank card that is chipped. One of my banks here in US hadn't chipped there cards yet and was useless in Europe, i had to transfer all my money to my account that has a chipped card. They don't take swipe cards there. I just thought of this.
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    @Floydian also, I visited last year in June, June 4-10 actually, nights were still chilly so pack a sweater or light coat if you don't want to buy one there. Days were fine but I realized light jacket is a must anytime of year there, at night. if you ever get the chance to visit Edinburg,Scotland up north while you there, I'd jump at chance just got back this week and was quite amazed by the city, way better history wise than London, and people are much friendlier even though harder to understand
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    @Brolls Now I somewhat get the fare capping system with that example.

    I try to save as much on travel as I can, though I would love to ride the iconic black taxi once. haha..

    Well I come from India where summers can go upto 40 degrees Celsius easily and I read on internet that June is a good time to visit with highest temp going upto 23 degrees. LOL that's winter for us so I might carry a jacket or two. hahaha but thanks a ton for all the help. I would really love to meet you if you are in town :)
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    @hash-table That's really a thoughtful advice. Duly noted.

    Thankfully, I have am a Citi customer and have a chip based card. Yes, June sounds interesting. I am planning from 15th to 21st may be.

    Would love to visit Edinburgh. Let's see what plan my friend has. Thanks again bro, help much appreciated :D
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