When you notice your localhost server gets pinged by an internal network IP of the company your working at, time to add a local firewall so they quit snooping.

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    which program do you use to notice such thing?
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    I actually noticed it in the nginx server access logs. port 80 was pinged on my computer from an internal network IP. Which then interested me in seeing what connections were connected to my computer and also what ports were open so I used netstat for that. then I used nmap on my local IP to see what they could access, lastly, I put up a stateful firewall, blocking everything INPUT except port 80 and 443.
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    Why would you not have a firewall? That's just asking to get hacked.

    Tho, I think that was just someone confused and trying to determine where have they landed. Might have even been looking for the dev environment.
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    If your 'localhost' server gets pinged by something out of your network you don't need a firewall, but some proper configuration
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    Yes, i could confine it to just listen on localhost, but i wonder who would ping port 80 on my local internal ip. There really isn't any reason to do so. I think the IT guy spends a lot of time trying to figure out what i do during the day. Lately he's been hanging around in the cubicle next to me, they banned my phone from connecting to wifi yesterday, i am not supposed to connect to company intranet with personal devices, but who follows rules. There idea of "locking it down" is them personally typing the wifi password into your config, lol. Idk if they realize that you can get the button to show password or not, i asked for wifi password when i first started going to office, he refused to give it to me, but typed it into my config personally from which i just took the password from my config and transferred to my phone. They have a cell blocker at work also, hence the reason i was connected with my cell in the first place.
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    @hash-table what a bunch of assholes
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