Client sueing vendor for shitty development job. Is this going to become a trend?

See https://theregister.co.uk/2019/04/...

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    I hope so. This is the normal procedure for not fulfilling contracts everywhere else.
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    I think people are gonna start realising the industrial era of "big corporations" have it all under their belt couldn't be further from the truth. With all their overheads, they literally can't afford to do a good job.
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    “Accenture sued over website redesign....“

    Yep, I pretty much stopped reading after that. If it goes to trial they better pray there isn’t a developer on the jury who has worked with or cleaned up after that company of dunces.
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    @molaram It’s still a good name to put on your CV. Good in the sense of a big software development company
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    @molaram “never” seems too rigid. You might be denying a position to some good developer that realized this kind of company is bad for his career and is looking relocation.
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    @molaram @horse
    “What is the hole in your resume?”
    “I worked at Accenture, I don’t like talking bad about a former employer but I couldn’t take their practices and I quit.”
    “I can understand why you left them off.”
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