Design is done by the ios guy. Its really good, but its very ios specific. The biggest pain is to implement blur everywhere. Also he does it directly in in xcode, so when i finally get it hes already done and android is always lagging behind. Management is aware of this and is ok with android lagging behind, but its annoying.

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    IMHO platform based design is a must. Because users have their habits. I would not satisfied if an android app looks like an ios app and viceversa. Also as you experienced there is some features that is easy to implement in one platform and not easy on others. For example I prefer shadows over blur in my android app if blurring lags. And yeah most of the time it lags. Don't get me wrong, I love blur but I hate any kind of lagging and low fps.
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    If I download an Android app and it has the look & feel of an iOS app, I get triggered and uninstall it in rage.
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