My tribe..

Your tribe..

Mine is better than yours !

Why ?

Whatever the group, logical thinking, science, all goes out of the window, as each group says their view of the world is 100% correct and not at all wrong.

The other group, says different..

Neither group listen to each other, or learn, or change.

If you disagree within the group, they don't want you any more !

Humans, pah !

Just dumb animals dressed up to think they can think, but just like to throw shit at each other and shout a lot to be leader of the pack.

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    How you going to stop that plastic pollution from the rest of the world ending up on your beach though..
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    Trouble is, you will want to build a wind turbine on your island, and one of your tribe will be against it..

    Then a thousand more people who live thousands of miles away will complain you are ruining your island..
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    agree, fuck tribalism
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    @irene cat!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'll just leave this here...
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    People don't think.
    It makes me hate them.
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    > "Green. Purple." -

    > Susan Ivanova and Drazi
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    Which is why I don't agree with people that say removing religion would solve all conflicts.
    People would just look for another way to differentiate themselves.
    And as long as there is a stratification, there would be discrimination and hence conflict
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    I notice in groups, once they have expelled the latest trouble maker, they find someone else they label a trouble maker and start to want to exclude them too..

    Somewhat amusingly, eventually I've seen a group dwindle down to just one person !

    I did have the chance to talk to such a person once, to ask them why, and they really was convinced they was doing the best thing for the group, to get rid of 'trouble-makers'.

    Which is, anyone who disagrees with the group aim.

    The group aim being decided by the select few in charge..

    Usually, in charge is, first who arrives in the group !

    Suggesting elections for those in charge never goes down well, and is rarely acted upon !

    I also love the way to make sure elections are fair, they get rid of anyone who disagrees with the groups aim, before an election..
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    Agreed @irene. It's potent because emotions get high. Remove it, something else would replace it.
    Once people get emotional, there is no or predicting what would happen next. WW1 and 2 wasn't fought because of religion. Long before the advent of organised religion, humans have been killing themselves.
    Football gives joy yet people have killed over it.
    It's religion today, maybe tech tomorrow, something else after that. It's almost human nature.
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