really? is it this shit again, ... allowing an user to do sudo has got more complicated than maintaing an entire ecosystem software for business ...

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    Sudoers is pretty simple.
    Polkit is the overcomplicated shit.
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    @metamourge i did "usermod -a -G sudo ea" with root, but when i use sudo with user ea, i get "ea not in sudoers", when i call groups i see that i am not in the sudoers group
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    Check your sudoers file.
    It may be wrong configured.
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    @metamourge i did have a look at the file, but it seems fine, i did a switch-user to "ea" and wanted to test if "sudo nano" works, and suddenly it worked, ... hmm, i am wondering why, ... i tried several times to check my groups, and entered "groups" , i have still no "sudo" group in the listing, ... but it works now, ... *scratching head*
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    i realized it still does not work for APT-GET INSTALL
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    i realized i can not use it to execute a shell script : /
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    It's something simillar that I ran into - you should use "su - ea" instead of "su ea" . Also, the user that is being added to the group has to re-log afterwards.
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    This incident will be reported.
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    Unless I have to use it, I solve sudo the simple way:

    $ sudo passwd root 😂😂
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    Also keep in mind that it may use the wheel group, and not the sudo group, as a group called sudo is a relatively recent convention.
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    I could be wrong, but don't you have to relogin for group changes to take effect?
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    @7400 You're right, relogging is required, unless you want to use some dirty hack.
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