There was a time in my life when I had one of these multiple times a day. I was a windows user then. I’d click one thing and it would literally do the opposite. Shitty software vendors sold us software that had error messages with no text in them. Microsoft office yuk. You had to download unsigned drivers from the machines vendor and just install them, praying that there wasn’t a rootkit in the kernel code you were willfully injecting, and that there was no bloatware in the installer (there pretty much always was). There were multiple times that I downloaded the right driver from the right vendor and it refused to install because “this machine is not compatible” and I had to hex edit the binary to make it go.

File names that got too long would fuck the entire system up and you couldn’t delete them, at least not without a linux live cd or yes, dropping caches and hex editing the disk, the system would just randomly stop booting up one day and you’d never know why, sometimes it was literally because a dll file was missing or corrupted and I would just replace the file from another working machine and it would be fine. How the fuck even? But that “only” happened three times. All the other times I never ever figured out why my install was broken.

everything you wanted to do requires a mouse, and the c++ API was nonstandard for reasons that nobody alive understands.

I will never ever be going back. Had to go to therapy after being a windows user.

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    Windows bad reee 😀

    Did I do it correctly?
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    @Stuxnet for a c++ developer it can be quite the painful experience to be fair.

    Trying to do systems development or web development on Windows is somewhat of a sketchy at best enterprise
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    @Stuxnet Windows' internals are a freaking mess. "Kludge" describes it well.
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    @AleCx04 oh I wouldn't doubt it lmao.

    It's just my joke at this point.
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