This is most probably my last rant : (
FUCK INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM! I got recently promoted to 11th Grade and end of the story. I got fucked. Is it because of my percentage in 10th grade? NO! It's 11th and 12th grade. Ranters, if you think this is a rant by a stereotypical high school kid then you're wrong. Well, I am a high school kid but FUCK!! Let me explain: We have two major career paths in India: Medical and Engineering. In Medical, there are various colleges such as AIIMS and JIPMER (The Respected ones) and in Engineering, you have IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology). To get inside most of the medical colleges you have to complete a stupid exam called NEET which is primarily based on 11th and 12th-grade portions and JEE exam for engineering. To complete these bull shit exams we have to literally kill ourselves. I want to bring you the notice of 0.001% of students who are interested in one of these fields but were forced to choose the other one because of their parents. Let's get this straight, they are our parents and they know everything about us and everything which is right for us. We won't calculate their decisions we just obey them and I want to bring notice of 0.000001% of students who are programmers and were forced to take medical path like myself. I am screwed!! I can't access my computer. My programming skills will get rusty and I can't be what I wanted to become. I am not complaining about the things we have to study as a student but what they are doing is removing the opportunity for students like us to pivot our career. I am now forced to study for the medical exam which means no more computer for the next 2 years. After 2 years, I have officially lost all my programming stuff and I may get into some medical college then for the next 5 years I am fucked studying for the degree and then the next 10 years for the practical experience. Then you have successfully wasted your life.

Thanks to my nation's educational system! I have to quit my hobby and my dream. Thanks for reading this long rant and goodbye!

PS: I will try my best to come to devRant every week at least in the restroom.

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    Spoiler: someone else does not know what's best for you, be they your parents or otherwise. It's your life to live, not theirs. You must therefore live with the consequences, not them.

    Your parents might see a bit more of the big picture, but they certainly can't see the details. Are they doctors? Developers? Are they even technically literate? At a guess, their decision is likely based on prestige and level of income, not your aptitude nor interest. If you have no interest in pursuing a medical career, you will certainly never be happy with it, "prestigious" or not. But if you pursue a career in a field that's interesting to you, you may very well excel.

    You know what you want.
    You know your abilities.
    Nobody else does.

    Don't let people decide for you, especially not the important decisions.
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    @Root I suppose that things are a bit more different over in India.
    I’ve noticed that young Indian people are very focused on their parents and don’t want to disappoint them. Maybe they can force their children into certain careers.

    OP, stay strong.
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    I get that it's probably a cultural thing and that you probably have an internalized fear of acting against your parents' desires, but are you really sure that there's no acceptable way for you to do what YOU want instead of what your parents want for you?

    I mean, I don't know much about Indian culture, but are you a hundred percent sure that there's absolutely no way of making your parents understand that software is what you're passionate about and that by following the medical path you'd be miserable for the rest of your life?

    Fight for it, man!
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    @RantSomeWhere Indian culture or not, being forced into a career OP dislikes will cause him untold amounts of misery, potentially for the remainder of his life. Sounds like a good case for bucking tradition to me!
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    Only method I see here, besides running away from country, is to start suddenly "pursuing" career in Bollywood. Then they'll be totally fine with programming,
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    You need to explain to your parents that would do not want to go into the medical field.Not getting your point across now could really be detrimental for the rest of your working career.Sit them down and explain that you will not be happy in the medical field and you would like to pursue the Programming/Computer Science.If they get upset and things go from bad to worse just say that you would like to do what you are comfortable doing and nothing else.You need to get your way now and reach a consensus with your parents asap.PS even Indian parents abroad have the "my child must be a doctor" bug.
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    Thanks, @Root for your kind words but those don't work here. Let me explain: My parents are not literate. My dad was once a Developer in IBM and he knows what he's talking. He always quotes the AI dominations, stable income and other bull crap like these but let's be honest there are more devs in India than doctors. Hell lota people pursue engineering rather than medical which increases the demand. There are less NASA scientists than programmers which make them more impressive in every aspect. I almost forgot.........FUCKING PEER PRESSURE!! Fuck that shit. In India, you have to fucking live for others. I seriously lost hope one my career. @RantSomeWhere The reason most of the people have to obey their parents is that everyone is scared of puberty. Sounds weird I know but please listen. When puberty hits you people tend to get all those hormones. They tend to disobey their parents and everyone says that people who disobey their parents tend to go in the wrong direction.
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    Thanks, @zmzmuazzam98 but I did have a talk with my parents but it didn't go so well. They are stuck with their points like solid wood. I've literally got no option.
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    @norman70688: @Root is not acting like a spoiled westerner cause we at India are not aliens rather we all still share the basic concepts of life such as this one.
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    @norman70688 its not spoiled westerner thinking, its normal human thinking. My dad wanted to force me into a medical school too, but 3 months of not talking to him did the trick.
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    @KartSriv You do have an option.Continue talking to them and talking about the field you want to be in .they have to eventually give in to the fact you are not happy with going u to the medical field.just continue convincing them.it will cross their minds.and once it crosses their minds they'll think about it.Then theirs a possibility of changing their mind.
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    BTW, I have to ditch my Startup idea soon and I don't know what to do with my GitHub account? I am already halfway into turning into a bookworm.
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    @ganjaman I am gonna try that xD
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    @zmzmuazzam98 Issues like these points us to the fact that a student commits suicide in India every hour: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/...
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    @KartSriv I seriously hope you manage to convince your parents man.my best wishes are with you.
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    Thanks, @zmzmuazzam98! I have some credits from Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure left to decay with my ambition's corpse. I think I'll do a devRant Giveaway soon. At least I want to make someone happy : )
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    @KartSriv I get perfectly what @Root meant and I agree, but due to cultural, regional, religional or whatever differences things may be different and sound cruel and unheard to people "outside".
    Heck, you still got that arragned marriage there? Throwing garbage and dead bodies into that poor river? Wiping with left hand? It's weird and "wrong" to me as hell, but it's your thing for, idk, thousands of years and I'm not to judge here.

    Interesting insight of Indian life nevertheless and hope you'll get what you think is your thing.
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    What does promotion to 11th grade mean? You lost me on the 3rd line there
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    @KartSriv may I interest you in medical research? If you want to program your advisor is going to love you. And demand the most ridiculous things out of you (like, one day make a graph with excel of how many patients you had in a study and the next one implememtation of multivariate analysis of enzyme reactions from scratch). But you WILL program. A lot.
    I would suggest you to look into: applied biotechnology, robots for medical purpose, and data analysis.
    All those fields are rather challenging for a programmer and require medical expertise.
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    @Pickman Good suggestion! @KartSriv That might well be your middle ground right there.
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    I think your posts make sense, but it's really hard for me to read them.

    Please, make shorter paragraphs. Leave spaces between them, like these ones.
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    @RantSomeWhere not Indian myself, but I've disappointed my parents so many times that they actually started to be proud of me once I got my shit together
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    @KartSriv I am studying Mecial IT over in my country and you cannot imagine how many opportunities there are to slide between those two domains. Just look at data science, HL7, IoT, wearable devices, data warehousing, decision support systems etc... If you really want to stay in the dev field I am sure there is a way back to it somehow. Some doctors I know for example are terrific python programmers just because they once worked in medical research and wanted to learn how to actually evaluate their datasets. I am not sure how your studies work in India, but my advice would be to stick to the plan but to focus on data science if your culture allows it.

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    @Root: "Make your own decisions and try to be happy!"
    @norman70688: "Stop being a spoiled Westerner!"

    Fucking what?

    If your situation sucks, fucking change it. If you don't even try, you're as just much to blame as whomever else. That's not me being "spoiled," that's me being a sane fucking person.
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    @Root you’re completely right!
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    @Root "Indian culture or not, being forced into a career OP dislikes will cause him untold amounts of misery"
    @norman70688: "Stop being a spoiled Westerner!"

    Fucking that!

    You can't assume it from "I do what the hell I want" position like it's norm in western culture.
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    @norman70688 Are you saying that OP won't be miserable being stuck in a career he doesn't like? Because that's exactly what you're saying.
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    I proposed here, in my first comment, two options. Yes, they may suck big time, but the bottom-line was so called to-fight-for-your-right, using extreme methods if required.
    In my third comment I admit that this kind of forcing by parents seems wrong to me also, but he lives in another culture and traditions which always aren't as self-evident to those who aren't living there and that has to be considered too.
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    "If you end up with a boring, miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, you deserve it." - Frank Zappa
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    @KartSriv if you can't change career, study Dev by yourself and use it together with medicine. Help to build an AI that will help doctors to diagnose deceases etc.

    You always can use Dev skills if you work in a non-mechanical area. :)
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    That is pretty horrible. Assuming you've already tried talking your parents out of this whole medical career thing and just straight up saying no isn't an option (if it is I urge you to exercise it, it'll be a bit painful but totally worth it, your career is definitely not something you want to screw up like this), what you could do is work in stages.

    Also do you have a relative who you're close to? Tell them about your situation, be honest, and ask for assistance (indirectly).

    You need your phone, internet, and laptop access back, in that order. Go in stages, don't ask for too much at a time. It's easy for parents to be absolutely totalitarian at first, especially because it's easy to think that the kid will do well if they just study and there's so much pressure on them to "make sure" you do well, as time goes by they tend to get more lenient.

    This really sucks though, stay strong, and again, I urge you to try flat out refusal (after all *you* have to study for whatever).
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    @norman70688 you're absolutely right in that it's just not so easy to go all I'll-do-what-I-want over here. However @Root is right too, you should at least fight back for something like this, perhaps not in the same manner as you'd do in western countries though.
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    I'm reminded my parents wanted me to become a motor mechanic..

    Instead I became an unemployed programmer..

    Even after school and college forbid programming !

    Nowdays, everyone wants to be a hairdresser, or life coach..

    And there is no one to fix your car..

    Ironic thing is, I'm now working on designing and building vehicles..

    There is programming involved. :-)

    But also oil and spanners.. (I typed spammers there first time!)

    So I think your parents do see the bigger picture, they want you to have a well paid career, instead of being an unemployed programmer sitting around their house all day..

    You can be a doctor and do programming too, can't you ?

    I mean, there must be medical routes which involve programming too, new nanotech drug delivery systems for example ?
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    Or worse, you listened to yourself when you didn't really know much about how the world works and what is likely to be best for you.

    Which is why we have friends to ask and double check our strategies are sound !

    Learn from others mistakes !
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    Listen to Johnny Sins, do porn. Look at me, I'm a plumber, doctor, astronaut, you name it. My parents are very proud of me because I'm an all-around guy.
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    I'm reminded of Indian communities in the west, side by side with non-Indian communities.

    Indian ones, less unemployment, people live in houses, drive nice cars, are go-getters.

    Non-Indian, lots of unemployment, everyone selfish and doing their own thing, tons of homeless people living in tents, lots of crime, hardly anyone with any get up and go.

    As such, think carefully your actions, and what the long term consequences could be.

    Things may look bad from your point of view, but from my point of view, I rather envy a country that is more focused.

    I'm reminded of a friend of mine who was all against arranged marriage, a few years single and alone with nothing soon changed him.

    When his parents offered him a bride and a house, he changed his mind.

    20 years later, he is happy with a wife, 2 kids, an IT job, and a car.

    So its not all bad.

    Just think carefully.
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    Seriously though, I just don't listen to anybody. I'm so stubborn that people eventually get tired of trying to persuade me from my own ideas. I'm Asian too and my parents had everything planned out for me. I don't regret not following their wishes and started living on my own after my first job.

    I agree that it's hard though. You're not only against your parents but the entire clan and society in general. You will every day be told that you're an insolent child. Do what you want anyway.
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    FX [ Nods in general agreement. ]

    Be aware though of the consequences of your actions.

    For example, at the time I had a vasectomy, because I couldn't afford to be a father to children, seemed a very sensible thing to do.

    But the consequences of that is my intelligence/etc. is not being passed to the next generation. (All I can pass is my wisdom..)

    Though, some might say, that software is another way to leave your intelligence to the next generation..

    So whilst your choice may make you happy in the short term, it could well have long term effects that come back to haunt you one day and make you wish you had chosen a slightly different path.

    Not necessarily a completely different path, but one with adjustment.

    Like I'm not fond of working on vehicles, but vehicles can benefit from software..

    Now I find I wish I knew more about how to work on vehicles !

    One day the poster might wish they knew some medical stuff..
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    @Nanos Yes, it does involve a lot of risk to be independent. You take full responsibility of yourself and the consequences of your actions. I think that's one of the reasons why children obey their parents. The comfort in the knowledge of someone catching you if you fail in the path they chose for you.

    In some stricter families in Asia, disobeying your parents can sometimes result into them disowning you so plans have to be made beforehand like getting a scholarship or looking for a part-time job, place to live, etc. If OP can do that, he can break free.
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    I tried going that route, but wasn't very successful.

    Things was much harder than I thought they would be, and I had a constant stream of bad luck to face too !

    In hindsight, some middle ground solution would have been more sensible.

    Listening to people who didn't do so well with their choices in life over the years has helped me learn how vulnerable we are to bad luck, and what a big component it is in our choices.

    I suggest hoping for the best, but planning for the worst.

    Backup plans are worth having !

    And parents are a valuable resource..

    I'm also reminded of an old friend of mine who said something like, it doesn't matter what you say to people, only what you do.

    Eg. say one thing, do another..

    In essence, go into the medical field, but find some part of it that includes programming, so you can do what you want, mostly.

    Life is often about compromise, somewhere along the road.
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    Fuck them dude. It's your life.
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    @c3ypt1c @rutee07 @Nanos @brunofontes @electrineer @frickerg @jesustricks @ethernetzero @Pickman @jespersh @zmzmuazzam98 @ganjaman @norman70688 @ethernetzero @RantSomeWhere @Root Thank you so much for your amazing words. You have refiled my confidence level back but unfortunately its all over ; ( My parents enrolled me to a new school for medical and paid other expenses worth 10000$ They told me to shut my computers and servers, keep my phone in the locker and deactivate my AWS and Azure accounts permanently. I don't know what else to do. My only relaxation is devRant. I've asked my parents to give my phone while I am going to my new school to book an Uber but the actual reason is to listen to some audiobooks and browse devRant. I will always stay in touch with all you guys : ) My coding skills are gonna go rusty and eventually in trash. At least I can understand programming memes. Once again thanks to all for your support.

    PS: @Root and @norman70688 sorry for the ruckus I caused : <
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    @Root and @norman70688 Had the word limit in the previous comment. I am so sorry for the unethical argument I caused between you guys. I feel extremely guilty to bring this topic. Once again I am so sorry!! BTW, I now seriously give no shit about my country. Thanks, India for ruining my life!
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    Absolutely no hard feelings on my side towards you nor her.

    Regarding your current situation- one door closes, another opens.
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    @KartSriv Sad to hear that, but our dev skills don't rust. You may forget some language commands, but the main part: how to organize, structure and the problem solving skills are stone written in your brain already.

    I began to develop in 1996, at the school. After that, I stayed years not using anything more than a spreadsheet and, when I came back, everything were there. I just had to learn the new way to use PHP and some JS. :)

    So, do not take this time without your servers as it were over. It is just some time away until you get ready to manage the two work areas together and not focus only on the dev part, forgeting about the medicine.
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    Thanks @brunofontes but I think 15 years is a big period : (
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    @KartSriv damn that makes me so sad... I wish you all the best and I hope that you'll be able to return to programming one day. I've never heard a story about someone being forced to deactivate all their accounts related to programming and I do not appreciate your parents for doing that... However the good thing about the internet is that it keeps most of its secrets. Time to make different accounts and start coding in secret 😎 a few hours a week won't hurt and might even give you more motivation to study and it's more than enough that your programming skills don't get rusty!
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    How about a programmable calculator.. ?

    A Linux watch.. ?

    A reading tablet, like a Kindle for your medical books, that just happens to be able to dual boot..

    So, does that mean you have to get an old phone that doesn't have any computing ability other than making phone calls ?

    A Nokia Communicator perhaps..
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    I'm reminded the time I lived in a tent for about 6 months, all I had was a book on the 68000 CPU and paper to do my programming on.
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    I'm also reminded of a local general doctor here, because of a shortage of such folk, is earning $300k USD a year, so they could retire early..
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    Thinking about the issue, another suggestion:

    Keep a laptop at a friends place, allocate say 4 hours once a weekend to go there and code.

    You will need to develop discipline anyhow being medical, so it would be good practice.

    It would only be a set time and wouldn't interfere much with your medical studies.

    If no such friend, you could perhaps find a hiding place, or build a hiding place not where you live.

    Then just make sure you aren't followed to your secret..

    Again a useful skill to learn, so as to deal with stalkers/etc. in the medical profession. :-)
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    Status Update: I took @Root's advice in heart and went to my parents and informed them about all the stuff we been talking about but it turned out to be quite bad. Very bad to be exact. I thought I was clueless on what to do but now I got a vision. Stay in medical field and as @frickerg and @Nanos suggested I'll find my own secret ways on using a computer and will fuse medical with tech. Here after I won't stop using devRant and FUCK everyone who stops me. Thanks to all!

    PS: I will update on this rant soon.
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    @KartSriv Woo! Good for you!
    Your determination is admirable 😊 keep it up!

    I know Indian parents can be harsh and controlling, but you stood up for yourself. I'm proud of you.
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    Thanks, @Root! I am still trying to find a hideout for my toys. I'll soon create a new Rant for your ideas. BTW, I have 200$ Google Cloud Credit left to decay. Maybe I'll do the first devRant Giveaway. Random Commenter will be selected. Once again, Thanks to all!
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    Oh boiiiii
    Why are you going to "the" hardcore NEET coaching (ik which one because I've seen it 😂)
    I studied biology because I thought it was scoring and fun (well so was CS,hence the regret) . I went to a JEE coaching.😅
    So do you have PCMB ?
    You can still change branches I guess, you've got a month to convince your parents (sigh) .
    Try to go for pcm + cs or PCB+CS (hoping your school lets you have this combination ) or take cs as the 6th subject. This would solve the problem of you losing touch of CS.
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    @ceee The main problem is not My Coaching Center or My School, it's my parents. They're forcing the heck out of me to ditch CS. My Dad (Works as a Director in IBM) is telling me all sorts of bullshit such as AI Taking over, Ratio between Medical and Engineering Students, etcetera. The reason I choose Starbucks for our meetup is that it's next to my coaching center (Aakash Institute). I sometimes hate my life.\

    EDIT: I have PCMB and there is no way of changing it : (
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    @KartSriv ah, got it.
    Is that what all parents do? Tell their kids to not study what they did.
    I literally have so many examples, of this. So many ! This has happened to all of us! heck !
    ( Fun fact,if you live anywhere near your dad's office, we live really close to each other, don't get any more specific tho,for the sake of privacy. )
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    @ceee The closest IBM to New Airport. Decode it
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    @KartSriv ik bruh, ik. My office is very very close to it.
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    @ceee I think we should stop it here xD
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    @KartSriv Just asking. If you are into computers, why not try engineering? You could go to some school (CBSE) and take Computer Science as additional subject.
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    When I passed 10th, my parents wanted to send me to some coaching and a dummy school.
    I rebelled, and decided to go to a local proper school with a CS subject and studied at home myself for JEE.

    Looking back, I couldn't have made a better decision
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    I'm reminded my parents wanted me to become a car mechanic.

    Odd thing is, now I want to design and build cars..
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    India sure is fucked up, my peeps in Bangalore kinda already explained the whole forced educational and career path thing to me and the crazy amount of hours you all do with shit to nothing pay. I just let my homies vent to their hearts content until they have nothing else left to vent for that day.

    No wonder why y’all want to get the fuck out of that country and somewhere with a little more freedom and choice aka U.S. to the muthafuckin’ A.

    God speed brother.
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    Unless you are a NRI and pay to get into a good private UNI😂
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    @Konsole in case you missed what's happening... It's unfortunately somewhat impossible for him to do that... He would need the money to do that, and he would get his parents so F***n pissed they might kick him out (idk that would actually happen, he never hinted to it, but from what it sounds like, it seem s it could get to there). So not such a good idea...
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    @KartSriv considering AI is taking over, from what I hear Medical Institutions are increasingly looking to AI to handle many fields (radiology, pharmaceuticals, etc.). So that could be an reconcilation to your dad's argument (someone's got to make it)...

    And of course you can become the local data scientist at school...
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