The moment i started Android Porting.
The tons of messages i got on XDA from random people.
Oh fucking hell
But one message was like WTF ?
Not exactly the message but it has the same point.

Hey Bro, I installer your room and it work but when i turned my phone of it didnt turn back on. The small buttn on side doesnt work to turn it on.

Then he posted the same message to thread since i dont respond to PMs.
Some user helped him and what was the issue ?
He just had to charge it. FFS

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    That's why natural selection needs to be a big thing in online platforms lol
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    Fuck. I remember back when I cared about porting Android roms. It’s a hobbyist’s OS and that’s it.
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    @broseph No its not when you do it properly and stuff works.
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    How big is the working folder ? How much of download should I do ? Any guide to start porting ?
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    @sak96 Android sources aloe are around 50gb download and when building it will be around 100gb on disk. And there is ton of guides on XDA.
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    @Haxk20 do you use to make custom roms for android? That's cool.
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