More progress!

The birdy got a sleeker redesign, and now he can flap his wings!

I just did something there to have a frame change every six frames, but i have no clue how this works.

Unfortunately the gif won't work for some reason. Maybe a bug.

Edit: link to working gif

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    Looks like a single frame GIF
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    yo, host that GIF externally and give us a link :)
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    @asgs it's working properly on my computer, I can play it and put it into Chrome locally, even sending to social media and back retained it. I feel like it's a devrant side issue
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    nice work
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    I fear this weekend, where I am forced to write something in fucking IBM z/arch assembly, never having managed to create something properly in a simpler assembly language
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    @kescherRant oh man, that was my first assembly I tried to learn, being naive enough not to know there are many different breeds of assembly, and I absolutely fear this beast now. ESAME is fucking something
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    yaaay, screenshots are back
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    @dudeking our teacher is forcing it on us. I mean it's related to the topic of mainframes the whole (non-essential, elective, self-chosen, optional, ...... my own fault) subject is about anyway, but still what the fuck, we barely even learnt how JCL does shit.
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    Flappy Bird in assembly?
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    @kwilliams I am making an NES game, not sure what it is though, but yeah. It's in assembly
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