FX [ Listens to music.. ]

FX [ Notices the sound going up and down.. ]

I must be living on a starship..

Excuse me whilst I go and press that cable join that isn't perfect to get my sound back..

Meanwhile waiting for a spare to arrive, which will be longer than expected since the resupply vessel just caught fire and is out of action..

So, 6 months instead of 3 months then !

Oh wait, I just had to wait and the sound has come back on its own..

Good thing I installed all these removal panels in the walls, as I'm always having to fix things !

Remember, don't hide those cables/pipes away !

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    Just resolder the connection you might suggest..

    Already done that three times now !

    Each time I cut a bit off the cable to make it shorter as I'm not sure where the issue is..

    Each time it doesn't fix it..

    Now the cable is so short I've had to move equipment around so the cable can reach !

    So instead of joining lots of little bits of odd wire together, I just splashed out $2 for a new cable via Ebay.

    Ah the joys of suddenly being wealthy enough to afford such luxuries instead of scavenging in the street for thrown away junk to fix things.

    Not that you find much stuff in the streets here being as its mostly desert..

    "Some more sand governor.."


    I'm confused, isn't there more sand than we know what to do with ?

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    1. cut the power cable altogether.

    2. increase the power levels in the cirquit to create electric arc

    3. tesla coil speaker!
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    So what do they take sand off the beach for by the bucket load so to speak ?

    By they, I assume farmers, as those are generally the only kind of folk around here with large machinery the leaves tracks on the beaches here and big holes behind !

    I just assumed they was using it to make concrete..
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    Oh wait, its just arrived . . .

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