I was just emailed a jpeg with no background. No program could open it. I tried photoshop and a bunch of image viewers. Nothing worked. What is this sorcery!

Edit: Yet windows showed the preview in file explorer. So I tried the photos app and it worked. Now I have more questions than before. Wtf

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    Well?? What was it a picture of???
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    @theNSA some feather.
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    @crapped Is this potentially some riddle or something?
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    Upload to an image bin or Google Photos and see if that brings anything up
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    @theNSA no, it literally was a feather. The client wanted me to add it to the database. It was saved as a jpeg but had no background. Sorcery!
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    How did you created the file?

    Afaik JPEG format does not support transparency/no background.

    btw My first attempt would be to open it in the Irfan view.
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