So, because I'm still working on this C# integration, and because the second dev is using Windows and Visual Studio, it's just easier for me to do the same.

Yesterday, the company totally logged into my system remotely and spied on me. Even went through my personal Skype messages.

Another reason I hate working in Windows, gives company access to my system.

In Linux they cannot even see me on network.

Anyways, they now know that I'm leaving soon, I think they are looking for reason to fire me, which would make my life much easier if they did, having to make time for these interviews during work hours is getting tenuous.

I'm just so fed up, mainly with the marketing Dept that i guess runs the company.

They gave me an incomplete design 3 weeks ago. Then expected it some May 1. But the design has been completely redone between then and now and also dozens of new pages and complex features still being added and they are like you have 1 week to complete. Yeah, fuck you I'm out. They are still updating and adding to the design every day while not budging on deadline. On top of that, They say this C# integration is higher priority, so they don't even give me time to work on this project.

They can go fuck themselves. Made mistake backing out of Tabasco job in January. But i have final interview next week for what i think will be better job and better place to live.

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    How the fuck is that allowed!
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    Pretty sure it's illegal to spy on someone without their consent. Doesn't matter if it's your work pc. Report it to the police if you have evidence.
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    @olback It is, at least where I live.

    For example, even if you have a rule saying: "No personal data on work PCs", they would be allowed to delete a folder called "family" but they can't open it without the employee.
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    You never heard of ssh did you?

    It makes no difference if unix or windows, as long as they got some root-level access. Just sayin.

    Still, you shouldn't spy on your employees.
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    @nitwhiz But on *nix he can control /etc/ssh/ssh_config.
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    It's company computer, in fact they told me I had to use company computer for this specific reason. In Windows they can remote in anytime they want, it being s company asset is all the permission they need
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    @xzvf @nitwhiz

    I'm way better with Linux admin and Def have everything in place they cannot get in or even see me on network.

    Windows I haven't used in 5+years and since i don't use it, i didn't configure it properly. They had me remote into someone else's computer, then did a reverse remote without my knowledge.

    I don't know enough about windows config right now to be effective to combat this.

    Anyways, i think they compromised it when they gave me computer anyways.
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    at least in germoney this would be, as others said, highly illegal. Regardless if work pc or not, same reasons its hard to have surveillance cams on employess (especially in kitchens and such). Further you better have pretty good reasons to have any data about an employee you dont need. Also its pretty frowned upon to just..well, spy. Speaks of shady business if its required.
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    @xzvf @hash-table if they give you the rights to edit ssh_config in unix, you have the right to disable the backdoor in win..^^
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    Look for service running,stop service. Problem solved.
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    @nitwhiz In theory, yes. In practice IT is usually less restrictive on *nix systems, as they *in general* either trust a *nix user more[they shouldn't] or they are less experienced with *nix user admin[again they shouldn't] or it's harder to manage a lot of users centrally *ahem* macOS *ahem* (and GPO is a great tool)
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    They are def not experienced with *nix systems which gives me huge advantage. But opposite is true about Windows. They own me on Windows. I only know they remoted in because I checked ports being used and the person remoting it knew what I was looking for and mentioned he was just grabbing a file from my Skype because it was faster than downloading it wtf, it's only 20M file and the fact the VP of IT was on phone with him as well as everything else going on, it was way too suspicious.
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