I was reading this earlier:


Sure enough, that’s what they found; the athletes who used the training plan matched to their genotype got almost 3x the results, on average, compared to the athletes who trained with the protocol mismatched to their genotype.

So, what's the cheapest way for me to find out my genotype for this purpose ?

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    "If you have the genetics to be great, you can work your way up to be among the best of the best.

    But the person at the top of the heap?  They worked hard, but they also picked the best set of parents."

    I've been reading up on this. I want to see how my offsprings with different types of people would be like if provided a good environment with little distractions. Unfortunately, my life from childhood until now is pretty shit and I can't turn back time to change it.

    But I bet this kind of experiment would be frowned upon and would require a lot of female vessels to carry those babies. Plenty of money for the maids and other expenses too! Ah, fantasy.

    As for the training plan, a coach or personal trainer can help you. They test you for strength, endurance, flexibility, etc. to setup a plan that works for you. Some people just get a few sessions, remember the types of workout, and then start working out by themselves for free.
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    > setup a plan that works for you

    How can they do that if they don't know my genetics though ?

    I've always found it hard to gain muscle, as such I'm keen to find the best way I can.

    When I was a teenager, I only weighed 20kg, and when I tried an exercise machine once, I couldn't even move it without any weights on !

    At least now I know that different plans can effect people, so I can at least try random approaches to try and hit a good one by chance.

    I prefer a more scientific approach than tinkering with luck. :-)
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    I remember reading about Harems being a particularly good way of rolling the dice, eg. if you have enough children, by chance one of them will be great.

    I guess its the Genesis Khan solution.

    Related link:


    But children are pretty expensive, so you'd have to be quite rich to try that approach. (Or have a sympathetic government aid programme to exploit..)

    Nowadays though, with genetic testing of potential parents, I can imagine one could shorten the odds a lot.

    Even more so if one is selective on which offspring are actually allowed to born..

    Being how the genetic end result of two people mating is somewhat random in its outcome, you never quite know what you are going to get.
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    @Nanos Yes, it definitely has a lot to do with your genes. I always disliked those Instagram fitness profiles who preach that it's all about motivation and hard work, it's not and many people get injured instead for following the training plans they see online. It may work for others but not for you. I like the article you posted.

    I have a College classmate who used to be very skinny, we teased him for being a skeleton. A year ago, I met him and he gained some weight and became muscular. He said he started working out. Some people are surprised how exercise can also help you gain because most do it to lose weight.

    Well, I can only say from my experience, they ask you do several exercises to measure these things. For example, we found that I have good flexibility and strength. Endurance, not so much. That is just an alternative though. If you really want to know your specific genotype, I can't help with that.

    They also have supplements to help you gain.
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    I have tried personal trainers in the past, didn't really make a lot of difference !

    And none of them really seemed to know anything science based.

    The best gains I did was eating a ton of peanuts and chocolate for months on end !

    Around 2kg a day of those.

    Note, eating too much chocolate can make you a bit hyper.. (Yes I'm aware too much can kill you!)

    6 months of that and I put on 3kg.

    Eating a square of chocolate every 10 minutes of the day, really is quite difficult !
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    I'm reminded of an Indian friend of mine who when I first knew him, was tall and skinny.

    Then a few years later, he was a monster of a man, practically filling the doorway !

    His family though, all doorway filling folk..
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    @Nanos That article about China is interesting. I wonder how much that technology costs. Religious people and humanists wouldn't be fans of it but if you put emotions aside, I think it makes sense that you would want to birth the best child. After all, it takes nine months to develop. It's hard to do trial and error.

    I always had a crazy dream that some time during my lifetime, we wouldn't need to use wombs and instead grow the babies in the laboratory. The problem I am seeing these days is that less smart people reproduce more than the smarter ones. Often, the ones who keep having babies also live in poor areas and don't have the resources to raise a child properly (food, education, etc.)

    Smarter people are more cautious about having children because they think about how much it costs and all the practical stuff, it makes sense.
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    I remember my uncle decades ago reckoned we would one day grow babies in artificial wombs.

    Whilst that solves the issue of producing the children we want, it doesn't solve the issue of good parenting.

    It wouldn't work out well to give a smart child to dumb parents to look after. :-)

    So perhaps the future is institutional child rearing on mass..

    Which is not a huge difference from boarding school..
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    @Nanos I agree. Another challenge starts after the child is born.
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    I probably should favorite this thread. rutee giving unusual comments 🤔
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    @cursee What is my unusual? I thought all my comments are like that.
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    @rutee07 you didn't mention anything about sex 🤣
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    The cheapest way to find something out is usually throwing shit onto the wall and seeing what sticks.

    So, try a training plan for each type and see which one gives best results, then keep this one.
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    I want to try and shorten the time period to find an answer.

    Mainly so I can complete my goals before I die !
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    @Nanos Good, cheap, fast. You have chosen good and cheap. Now you want it also fast.

    Welcome to the PM world where anything goes.
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