GitHub doesn't support 6502 ASM code highlighting
Now my repo is all just blue

BTW now my NES game is up on GitHub, under the name kuronbka

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    windows only?
    are you nuts?
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    @erandria I don't have any Linux, but you can install nesasm and assemble the NES file yourself.
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    @dudeking ok, I installed it, do you know how to build it with it? just `nesasm game.nes` and that's it?
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    @dudeking it results in a game.nes file, I run it with bsnes but I get a black screen. Should I use the game.chr somehow?
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    @erandria ha, what a turd I am, I'll try with a nes emu
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    @erandria it's included in the code, so no. It could still be a compability issue between the different emulators. I find Nestopia and fceuxd work for me best.
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    @dudeking yay, it works, I see the chicken falling down and to the left, and I can make it not fall by pressing up... I can't make it go right tho, WIP effects
    it's cute
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    @erandria left right movement is disabled, for now I'm working on making the bird jump by pressing a and b. The dpad won't be used in the future. Thanks for actually spending some of your time on it. I genuinely really appreciate it
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    @dudeking ofc, I've been waiting to try since you posted first screenshots, I like trying early WIP
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