My friend said that she wants me back to API. Because she tired of routine work like "create new models", "write get-set-delete-functions". Of course, it's hard to work with API and web either.

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    Do you mean she wants you to work on the api again?

    It can be repeterive I imagine, although designing apis is an artform in itself 😀
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    @alexbrooklyn we work together - she with front, me with back. Last month I work with other project, so she work alone with both parts.
    But she said about only routine tasks because if I try to do something really hard there will be bags.
    So her ask was more like a mean joke.
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    Do you use a system when you 2 code together? If not I could recommend Azure API management it lets you start by defining the API make a mock so everytime you call it you get that response so the front end can start working and you could start on the backend aswell. Has helped me a lot of times by splitting it up.
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    @pareion thank you!

    We work with two parts in IntelliJ - one project is Spring Boot API, other - Vue.js project. It`s very convenient.
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    @argous I'd recommend Azure App Service then I know it has some support for Vue and Spring.

    I can't promise it can do everything for your case but take a look if it will solve some of your issues. And then if you combine it with the Api Management then you can have it all in one place.
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