My PC is too slow..

I'm looking at the screen and it says "1 second till power off".

So I waggle the mouse.

It turns off..

Obviously a terrorflop of processing is not enough for it to not turn off the screen in time..

I had a whole second damn it !

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    The mouse wanted attention so badly, it stalled all processes waiting to be recognised 😉
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    I remember on something like a 1Ghz PC, if I waggled the mouse, it would use up 10% of the processor time.

    Thank goodness I didn't use a mouse on my 10Mhz PC !
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    @Nanos ahhh ... them good ol' days
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    3 seconds and you are just fine.

    2 seconds, still not long enough..

    So, next time you have to defuse a bomb whose OS is W10, you know you are going to die when the countdown gets to 2 seconds !
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