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    I mean, are you complaining about the did you mean or just grateful?
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    @erandria I was just ranting about my name but still, Google is doing its job by murdering every dev. What if Google is doing this intentionally so SEO Analysts can make money. What if Google's Algo is based on rich people's bidding? What if Google decides what they want to put in their queries. I can't sleep today!!
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    By the way, Srivijaya is (was?) a geographical location in what is now Indonesia. That's why Google suggests it.
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    Thanks, @EmberQuill! I didn't know that 🤣🤣
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    K A R T H I C C 🍑
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    Thanks, @frickerg for making me regret my name for the rest of my lifetime xD

    PS: I am a chill person but in case you meet someone else with the name "Karthik" then don't make any joke on it cause it's a Hindu God's name. Just a friendly tip cause people from India are quite sensitive.
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