"Learning doesn't hurt, unless you want it to..."
-Michael Stevens

Ok, I guess
*goes into multi-thread assembly*

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    multi thread assembly?
    just ouch
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    @erandria I like it rough
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    @dudeking yikes
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    Use a lube
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    couldn't this be done by writing code for every thread into a separate memory area then pointing each thread to said area, then having each thread return to some waitloop so they can await more code snippets? It'd be inefficient and insecure, but it'd be easier...?
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    @Parzi I think so yeah, but I wanna do it the efficient way, it's not Assembly for nothing
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    @dudeking still faster than C
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    That's basically like taking a cactus dry up your ass. Not recommended, but if that's your thing enjoy I guess
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