A quick rundown of progress on kuronbka (now official game name) :

1) Made the Readme markdown file. Important
2) Set up the repo on my PC
3) Fixed some bugs
4) Added movement in the right direction. The chicken can jump and will go back down (A button). The code is yet uncommented, but I just wanted to commit it by today.


  • 1
    ok, just pulled and ran it, nice.

    so are you going for a flappy bird thing? cool, looking forward.
  • 2
    What does "kuronbka" mean?
  • 3
    I built this functional 6502 computer in college. So I appreciate how hard assembly is.
  • 1
    @erandria im basically going for a vertically scrolling thing, and like there will be enemies and you stomp them, and they can attack you etc.
  • 2
    @RememberMe kuronbka is written similarly to куронька in Russian, which means "small chicken"
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