I had a great week at work this week.

Started with me being screamed at, persisted with me getting in at 5am and leaving at 10pm every single day knowing my job was on the line, and ended with my boss congratulating me at least three times, my name coming up (so I heard) with the head of my department (reports to the ceo, massive company) and a lunch set up with his boss’ boss for next week.

When the world is on fire and you fucking kill it. Battlefield desk.

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    Nice. but be carefull there - boss might try to use "pressure froddo to get great resaults" again. They always do.
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    Respect 😊
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    don't forget to take care of yourself 5am to 10pm is not sustainable for a developer long term
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    Agreeing with @Mbithy here.
    Congrats on putting out those fires. But be careful with what they're might expect from you in the future now
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    Wouldn't work for anyone who 1. yells at me (unless I am allowed to yell back with no consequences) and/or 2. makes me work from 5 am to 10 pm just like that. I'd throw my resignation in their face and say some extremely nasty stuff to them and humiliate them in front of all of their employees, and leave in style.

    (Though I'm extremely polite and nice guy, I have a bit of temper and I don't like to be mistreated from ANYONE. I wouldn't keep it inside of me)

    But congratulations on your great work. Screw your boss and your boss's boss. That's three least they could do for a hard working employee such as yourself.
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    jesus christ.
    congrats i guess.
    does this victory feel bittersweet or just sweet?
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    I am glad you came out strong man. I also know you been at the game for a while so I will not try to give any advice or anything like that.

    At the same time my paranoida won't stop me from thinking that a bad boss would use this as an excuse to dump more on you since they already know you can handle it. You are a smart dude, so you probably have some thoughts on that already.
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    @AleCx04 **paranoia....fk me
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    @CoffeeNcode @Mbithy thank you both. They’re usually telling me to go home rather than work more, they’re very good about it. I have faith anyway.
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    @iskandergaba they didn’t make me. They always tell me to work less. I frequently work 40 hour weeks, but it ebbs and flows.
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    @erandria feels good. The things that were said to me this week were so nice I almost cried. Doesnt happen often I’m not very emotional.
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    @AleCx04 yeah I’ve had hard weeks easy weeks hard jobs and bad jobs and good jobs. This one is by far the best I’ve ever had and usually the balance is great and even when it isn’t, I enjoy the work enough that I’m happy to do this every now and then. And the rewards for doing so are generally good.
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    Work less, make more. That's the goal. Don't be slave to help someone else fulfill their dreams.
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    New skill unlocked: Survival expert
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