Is it just me or is the "Sign up with Google" feature not working on some sites with the ad blocker turned on?

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    Which ad blocker?
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    It probably has google analytics and it doesn't work without them
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    @fuck2code This.

    Google Analytics and reCaptcha are both trackers.
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    The Adblocks may disable some third party cookies required for this procedure as well or changes some settings for referer or origin headers.
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    Actually this happens when using the 'social blocker' list. It helps to get rid of social media buttons (and therefore it's trackers), but depending on the implementation of the login button it sometimes mistakes the Google SSO with a Google+ (rip) social button and blocks it
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    @electrineer adblock plus on chrome.
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    @bigus-dickus I'd recommend using uBlock Origin instead because Adblock Plus is known for selling their data / whitelist-slots and I've had some bugs there too. Using uBlock Origin I've never had a single bug or ad. (Google Sign-In worked perfectly fine, always.) Another great thing is using a "Fair Adblocker" that simply replaces a few ads with non-intrusive ones, generating a fair bit of revenue for site-owners.
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    @DeWil @Kimmax @sbiewald

    Wanna hear something crazier? All the upvote buttons on Devrant disappeared for me. I disabled adblock and it came back on.
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    @bigus-dickus Sounds like there's another extension literally trolling you.
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    I've got :
    -Avast plugin
    -EPUB reader
    -Audio only YouTube

    that's it.
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    @bigus-dickus You could try disabling one after another, reloading the devrant-page and see what happens.

    I personally really dislike Avast, because its detection rate is awful, the whole tool feels like bloatware. Also, I've never tried Audio only Youtube or Anonymox, no idea whether they are good or not.
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    Yeah, it's been broken in many websites right now. Expect more buttons to go down. Looks like the Client IDs have gone stale...? We'll buy more, don't worry. Monkeys are doing their job right now. jk jk
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