New Windows terminal: Why exactly do we need Emoji support again?

Can't remember that someone slightly serious about their craft likes these monsters of modern society.

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    CLI never ever had emojis ... except for some occasional :) in a comment line
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    @redman I wouldn't even now how to write them on a standard keyboard. Propably some Alt+ or something. I would need to copy them from some side but since I never use them outside of char conversations I don't even bother to learn.
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    @Salzian same here ... I use this site for copy/paste: https://linkedin.com/pulse/...
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    How could you access files and folders with emoji otherwise?
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    @electrineer This just hurts 😭😭😭
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    @electrineer you shouldn't, those files and folders are named like that for security reasons.
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    Windows key + .
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    We don't, Microsoft is just catching up because people complain.

    It's a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation here. Various terminals supported unicode and emojis already and people complained the Windows terminal doesn't. Now it does and again people complain. I don't envy MS one bit tbh.
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    Aren’t emojis part of the Unicode specs? You can have a domain like πŸ‘πŸΌ.com, how else would you access it from the command line? Spell out the Unicode value?
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    @620hun Should you have that domain in the first place?
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    @Salzian it's part of the spec so support should be added.
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    @RememberMe technically right but morally wrong. I guess the root problem is that emojis were included in Unicode.
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    @Salzian how else would you encode them? Your real argument seems to be that emojis are useless in general. That's... debatable.
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    @RememberMe why encode them in the first place? Emojis are not text but small images. What happened to :-) and ;-P
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    @RememberMe OK to be fair I may have a bias against emojis outside of chat rooms and instant messengers.

    Still the sales pitch to advertise the new terminal with full Emoji support just sounds stupid to me.
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    @Salzian why? It means they have full unicode support, since emojis are probably the last thing in your I-need-to-support-this list. Full unicode is pretty important for languages other than English.

    Plus it could come in handy for terminal based software that deals with user generated text. You know, chat to editors to whatever. Suppose you want to remove emojis from a piece of code, your terminal needs to be able to display them first :p

    A terminal's job is to implement a spec. Whether people use emojis or not is up to them. Rage against people, not the software for complying to standards.
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    To type this:
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