Hi devs.

Is kotlin is worth trying? I'm a android developer and I used Java for creating my application. Maybe you can give my some advise.

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    i have never tried Kotlin, but if it's painless android/mobile development you're after, then i can highly recommend Flutter
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    @Midnigh-shcode thank you for the advise. I'm gonna research about that.
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    Since it seems like Flutter is becoming a thing, I intend to skip Kotlin.
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    @WildOrangutan To be honest, I've never heard of that. Maybe I'm lost in the new thread.
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    Considering Google is pushing Kotlin use...

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    I use Flutter at work myself but Flutter is still new so there are probability that some of your use cases are unavailable in Flutter. In this case I do recommend learning Kotlin. It's easier to pick up if you already know Java.
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    If you ask about android, just use flutter or react native. If not android, just use a recent java, that fixes all the problems kotlin tried to fix.

    Or just use scala which is an actually good kotlin.
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    Hi, I am full time android developer and from last two years I am using kotlin and I can totally recommend to use kotlin because you are going to remove lots and lots of boilerplate code and extension function is best thing I saw in kotlin and ofcourse it has null checks operator like ? , ?: Which will help you to reduce null pointer exception and kotlin coroutine is one of the clean approach for asynchronous programming. 💻🖱️
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    @bitjedi thank you for very helpful comment. I'm excited to learn about it.
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