Why is crapple.com not taken yet?! It would be an amazing place to hate on Apple. Unfortunately, I don't have time to buy and set this up anybody want to help?

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    Unfortunately it is already taken.

    // Is it alright to upload pics from other sites like this? The information is public on whois.
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    @davidmaamoaix You are reposting public content. While the site could complain about 'you copied their style', I doubt the complain would be sucessfull.

    On the other hand, WHOIS information is personal data. Whatever laws are relevant apply here (I guess US ones as devRant is located there).
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    What made you think the domain was available? Did you just load it in a browser and assume it was available when nothing responded on port 80?
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    @bahua Probably got a NX-Domain or something in the browser
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    Sounds like something entitled people would do.
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    @davidmaamoaix lmao, Apple tooo the domain, look at the nameservers
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