As an Gitlab advocate it would be nice to replace the Github link in the profile with GitLab.

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    Or add both, I use both of them personally
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    To clarify: By replacing I meant the OPTION to replace, not to abolish Github from devRant. I still think it's a great side hosting many awesome projects. I personally just prefer using GitLab.
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    I would appreciate to have the possibility adding any git* link (even self hosted but public instances).
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    *Bitbucket cries at the corner!*😋
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    Any reason why you picked Gitlab over Github?
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    @dmoa Back then it was the only site with free private repos and it includes complete free CI. I'm using the website btw. Not sure if Github catches up yet but I just like it more. Also the ability to have a public project with a private repo so you don't need a second repo as issue board when working on closed source projects.
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    @Salzian ah, so a repo, LOOK IM MAKING THIS, but not showing the source code is a pretty good feature
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    @Salzian can you set the releases to private/public?
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    @dmoa Yea. One project for both private repo and public issue board, including pages.

    IIRC you can set the source to private but the pipeline to public, which contains the releases.
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    @Salzian that is pretty good, but I’m not desperate for that feature because I can just host it on my website
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    @dmoa For a student it's perfect. One service for all. Repo, Kanboard, Hosted pages, free CI pipeline. For bigger projects issue boards but I haven't utilized them much yet.

    And you could also deploy your app or pages to an own website using the CI pipeline.

    And webhook integration for a number of different services including slack and discord... But that's very specific.
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    @Salzian that does sound very good, but too many people I know use github, not gitlab. When I can I will certainly use!
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