What the fuck? This literally says nothing about the game, this is just some error from Google's end. Some people should just be kept away from tech in the first place. The best part is that edit...

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    User experience ...
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    Well, the majority does not how it works, so in this case there should be an option for "does not download" which won't count in the average star rating.
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    @Biggy Yeah, Google's user experience, not the one made by the developer. The one who should get a 1-star review is Google
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    Went to this restaurant.

    Got in a crash on the way there. Police came and instead of helping, punched me in the face and tased me. I woke up some time later, and started walking there again, and got bum-rushed by a hobo this time. Now I have syphilis, no car, a warrant out for my arrest for idk what, and I still haven't gotten my food!

    Worst restaurant ever. I'd give it zero stars if I could.
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    @DefiniteGoose develop your game for iOS and Sailfish. You have choices.
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    Not everyone knows how the apps are created. At least he tried to fix the issue himself. You could have explained to him that it wasnt your fault.
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    To clarify, this game is not mine. Just something I came across as an example of how fucked up the system is
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    Society is now geared to optimizing the idiot opinions of the masses. How can that go wrong?
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    Anyone would be pissed off if they paid for something twice, and it didn't even download. And they won't care less if its a rating for Google or the app.
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    @beefdead Exactly. All they know is that their stupid game won't download no matter who's fault it is.
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