alright let me pull someone out of this dark theme disillusionment. Setting your IDEs or editors theme to dark does NOT improve your skills at all, it does NOT make you a better developer and it does NOT mean that you are better than someone who likes a light theme. And it does NOT make you a hacker at all. The only real benefit is increased productivity for you only (because you prefer it) . Other developers may be more productive on a light theme.

So next time I see a silly dark theme comparison I'm down voting it, peace ✌

FYI, my devrant is dark, my editor is dark and I like batman πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    It also does not increase your eye health. In fact, you are at a huge disadvantage because almost everything else, especially in your webbrowser, is light themed. Except if you are one of those people who fell for the myth and even installed additional stuff to destroy everything's design and individuality by changing everything to dark.
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    But it makes me look like leet h4xx0r
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    @devTea but only if it has colorful text. Which almost none of them have. Cause that would be creative.
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    @Alice but... but I thought that green color makes it more legit? Just like in the movies
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    @devTea 99,999% of humans know Matrix by now
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    I agree with all of this and will still love dark themes. All who disagree must be shamed into submission.
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    @odite I use dark themes, too.
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    I use this:
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    Dark theme coders tend to write more secure code πŸ˜›πŸ€£
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    But but.. well yea ok but!!' I'm like a super dev. All 20+ screens must look like terminals regardless of what's actually on them. Break the internet and restyle everything.

    ok seriously, I use dark themes for the sight benefits, YES there are benefits when your are a blind bastard and the brightness of white backgrounds when staring at CODE all day actually causes eye strain compared to a nice dark theme that softens that blow, now I'm not talking bullshit dark themes that look like pure black terminals but ...ok fine let me just attach it.

    Yes web pages are white but I'm not staring at code I'm just skimming over content and returning back to my editor for the most part or generating reports and opening them in excel or something but typically unless I'm doing front end work I don't spend a whole lot of time in the browser.
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    I was using dark themes for sight benefits but now I fell in love with it. Sorry!
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    Oh finally, someone else that thinks the same thing!

    I've always been a light theme fan, contrary it seems to most others. I've had numerous people say everything from "you know your eyesight will be better with a dark theme" to "do you want me to show you how to switch your IDE to a dark theme?" to "you do look a bit silly coding with a light theme, it's not very professional" to "I don't know how you can work like that, you really should switch your theme"...

    My personal preference is for both the brightness and contrast on the monitor to be turned down reasonably low, and to use light themes throughout. I find it much, much easier on my eyes that way, and I'm not immediately blinded whenever switching to a light themed window.

    I'm all for dark themes if that's what you personally prefer, but geez, some people seem to treat it as *way* more than a personal preference.
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    @AlmondSauce It's not scientifically demonstrated that dark themes are better for eyesight. Actually somebody argues that dark themes force your pupils to open more to receive more light and actually strain your sight.

    With light background on the other side, your eyes stay more closed and perceive better the details without extra effort.

    But as said, nothing scientific
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    Isn't it supposed to be amber now ?
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    I would like to use a dark theme sometimes, but for reason reason, today's modern graphics can't manage the art of a graceful scroll without screen issues.

    Oh for the days of double buffered graphics and non jittery scrolls..

    One of the most annoying there is Facebook..

    I'll just scroll down here, no I won't, I'll go back here, then down here, then up a bit, down a bit..
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    Honestly, who gives a shit?
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    I'm literally the only one I know who uses a light theme (Solarized Light). It's the only way I to prevent me from having a headache at the end of the day. Had one guy seriously asking why the gnome screenshot tool copy night light settings. He just couldn't wrap his head around the fact that someone would use a yellow-ish theme.

    Though all the "hurdur someone pissed on your screen" jokes are pretty funny.
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    I prefer dark themes for readability, which for me at least is a combination of contrast and ability to discern colours. Light themes often suffer because of that - they need bolder fonts and flashier colours to have the same readability. Completely black themes are no good either. I prefer medium dark during the day (see attachment) and slightly darker after it gets dark.

    Also, it's not necessarily light or dark that hurts the eyes - it's contrast. If a light background is too light for your eyes, then your display's brightness is set way too high for your environment.
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    @deviloper Oh I'm well aware, but that doesn't stop people using it as a reason...!
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