I was in the false belief that I hated Gnome 3 for MONTHS because I tried to force it into the same workflow all other desktop environments give you. Now I know that it’s actually the perfect desktop environment for someone like me: coming from tiling window managers because of how keyboard driven they are, but wanting a more nicely integrated desktop experience.

I’m in love with Gnome 3 right now. It’s actually really intuitive if you don’t approach it with preconceptions of what a desktop environment should be like. The only thing that bothers me is its not-so-great performance due to using js…

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    GNOME is pretty great tbh. I fell in love with it on fedora. Windows+tab on win10 is also quite handy and pretty similar
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    @kenogo I have been using MATE ever since Gnome 3 saw the light. Perhaps I should try to approach it as you say, without any preconceptions. Testing it with RHEL8 might be a good way to start.
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    Used Gnome 3 before o switched to tiling WMs. It’s pretty great and even ran decently on my potato laptop from 2012 or something.
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    @redman Yeah if you haven’t done that yet then it’s absolutely worth a shot. Just keep in mind to use the Super key to get into the activity view, Super+PgUP or Super+PgDown to switch workspaces, and type application’s names when you’re in activitiy view and want to start an app.
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    @RantSomeWhere I had to disable animations on my old laptop because they were laggy, but yeah otherwise it runs without issues. Still a bit resource hungry, but it’s not terrible. And the animations are very satisfying to watch on my desktop lol.
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    @kenogo The only thing is that Gnome 3 has a substantial larger memory footprint than MATE, especially on older hardware something to consider.
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    As far as I know, people mostly dislike GNOME 3 for its devs. They're apparently the embodiment of 'notabug-wontfix'

    Been switching between i3, XFCE and Budgie myself.
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    @gathurian Yeah I think that’s true but also complete bullshit. The GNOME devs are actually very nice when you look into it. People are just not happy with the different approach they took with GNOME 3, so they started acting like the entire desktop environment was a bug, and got salty when things weren’t changed back to the way they were. Which is ridiculous… I mean that’s why it’s open source. They can get creative and if you don’t like it you can just fork it, which is precisely what happened with Mate and Cinnamon, so I don’t understand the shit storm.
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