The short story of how I'm terminally retarded.

tldr: accidentally replaced good code with empty file.

So, it's 3 o'clock. I just came from school, after an exam. I'm tired. I decide to relax and continue coding kuronbka. It works very well. In about 30 minutes my headache is gone and I'm 100% dev mode. I've implemented a simple music track, a background and ground collision. All of that. So, seven hours later, I'm finally ready to go off to sleep.

What I am supposed to do:
1) Ctrl + S
2) Close VS Code
3) Edit todo file
4) Commit and push changes to GitHub.
Please note, this is done almost automatically. I don't watch what I'm doing.

What my dumbass does:
1) Ctrl+A
2) Space
3) Ctrl+S
4) Close VS Code
5) Commit and push changes to GitHub.
Once again, it's done automatically by me, in one go. I didn't check any code. 3 minutes later I see that ASM file is 0kb. Something is up. Check GitHub. File is empty. Shit. Desperately go to VS Code try to Ctrl+Z but unsurprisingly it doesn't work.

Thank you for reading and I suggest you leave your diagnosis down below.

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